Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who do we think we are?

Back in 2006 we lost Jim's precious sister to cancer.  She was the family ancestor hunter, and we thought she had all of her information on her computer.  But. alas when we looked for it on her computer, we found nothing.  We later found out that it was all in written form, and our brother in law had shared it with one of the sisters.  Before that discovery, I started looking with what little information we had already, and it only took a little bit to find I was an addict to the hunt.... hook, line and sinker!

You have all seen the commercial for Ancestry. com.... put in a name... here pops up a little leaf, that leads you on.  Well, being the scotch person I am, I did not want to spend a lot of money at looking, not knowing what we would find.  So, I started small... and cheap :).
I also went to that gave a lot of information, and led me to Roots Web. com which was the free version of Ancestry,and I found alot of information that gave me my base.  There are several sites listed on that I checked as well.  Before I knew it we were back to the 1050's on Jim's family, with Kings and Queens in the line.  Each time I went on there was another whoo-hoo moment.  Kiddingly I would tell Jim, he not longer could play with knives and hurt himself... because he would bleed blue.

Now you know I am adopted and found my birth family, so my family tree is quite interesting....I put my adopted name on the Nixon (my maiden name), and my birth name on the Lynch family tree.  My family only goes back to the 1600's however.

So, are you looking for find information on your family?  You like us, can find the information you need without breaking the bank.  We put our trees on My Heritage. com, you can make your own tree and add up to 250 names for free without going to the next level, and having to pay a yearly fee.  250 names came quickly, and we are on the premium level, soon to go to premium plus level. Their cost is not that expensive.  Plus you can print out charts on your family which I did for our family reunion this year.  Everyone loved it! Also, you can invite family members to be part of the site and add the information that they have, so it truly becomes a FAMILY tree.

Here are some sites to start you looking: genealogy

Cindi's blog as well as My Heritage and Ancestry's blog is on my blog roll.  Cindi's List has tons of information. 

So, my challenge to you is to go hunting.... and see what you dig up!  I will warn you it is very addicting!
Our latest find is we are related to George Washington!
Whoo- Hoo!

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