Saturday, June 30, 2012

Malakhi is here!

We got the call that Tanya would be induced yesterday at 6pm, so this grandma had to get busy and finish the felt booties she was making.

I found the design on Pinterst here. The theme is my own and I cut the pattern down 1/4 inch all the way around. I made the ties by braiding 3 strands of the embrodery thread. They are tiny and cute.  Mom and Dad loved them. I also had a ball making them.

Now for the good part.

Malakhi came into the world at 12:23 pm today. He weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce and was 20 inches long. And this great grandpa and grandma thinks he is precious.  He has a few problems they are monitoring tonight, but we know all will turn out well. God is an awsome God.

Here is our daughter Sherry (34) holding her Grandson. They look like a pretty happy pair to me!

So are G (Great grand) Ma and G-Pa!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Let Go and Let God!

First I want to thank all of you for your prayers for Colorado! God's mercies are new every morning! He will bring beauty from these ashes, and good will come out of it all! I will keep you posted now and then as to how things are going with the wildfires, but for now I want to share what God has been whispering the last few days. Finally, I got quiet enough to listen!

So often when things like the past week happen, we are so swept up in what WE are going to do. Or, concentrate on the crisis at hand so much we do not have a quiet time with God. To give HIM this crisis, and be still!

It took me getting back in the garden to finally be quiet so that He could show me His Love.

Mattew 13 is a chapter of sowing seeds. Many sermons have been preached about The Parable of the sower, as to how we receive God's word in our lives,
But do you remember further in Matthew 13 there is a Parable of the weeds?

24. Jesus told them another parable: The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field.
25. But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away.
26. When the wheat sprouted and formed heads the weeds also appeared.

Jesus later explained that the one who sowed the good seed is the Son of Man (Jesus), the field is the world, the good seed stands for the sons of the kingdom (believers), and the weeds are sons of the enemy, the devil. They were seperated at harvest.
As I was on my hands and knees weeding, I began to think of what weeds are in my life. I weed and weed, and in a week or two I have to weed again. Why?

If the plants, the good seed, is like the word of God in my life, what are the weeds?

Stress, discontentment, unforgiveness, worry? How about pride, angry words spoken in haste, lust for more "things" of this world? The list could go on and on... strongholds, addictions, and a cold heart.

God wants his word to take root in our lives. He wants us to not be stangled by the weeds of this world. But that takes a choise on our part.

To nuture His word, like we do our garden. We water it, till it. And remove the weeds so the plants (His word) can grow.

Perhaps I have to continue to weed (in my life)  because I have allowed to much of the world to crowd into my life and crowd His word sowen in my heart.

Changing is a choise.  So as I was weeding , and on my knees (good position :)  ), I began to pull the weeds and ask God for forgiveness in my letting some of my weeds in.  Made me realize how much I have been doing that lately.
So, each weed had a name.... there goes worry.... there goes frustration... 
By the time I had weeded the small area, I felt better in more ways than one.  We all are a "work in progress", and God is always tending us. Nurturing us and Loving us. 
His mercies are new every morning for all of us!
Hugs, Ma and Pa

Flying W Ranch cattle survive firestorm | ranch, flying, center - WALDO CANYON FIRE - Colorado Springs Gazette, CO

Sharing a wonderful miracle from the Waldo Canyon Fire!

Here at the home front I just woke up to smoke.  Wind has shifted from the west, we are getting smoke from the Pine Ridge fire.  So, shut off the cooler, and shut the windows, Pa Jim has COPD.

Please continue to pray for all the fires!

Hugs, Ma and Pa

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday 6/28, Fire update for Colorado

It's official the Waldo Canyon Fire is now the largest damage in the state with 346 homes gone so far.

Mountain Shadows subdivision picture on Facebook

This is my sister's subdivision... but praise God as of right now her house still stands.  Please pray for all these families that have lost their homes.  Monunment Co. has now been put on pre-evacuation notice.
KKCO 11 news picture

On our home front, the Pine Ridge Fire is threatening to jump I-70 and if it does, it is a straight shot to Grand Mesa, a flat top mountain that has 1,000 lakes, a ski resort called Powder Horn, and is the source of our water supply. On the south side of the interstate there is over 50 well heads in its path.  Debeque is now starting to get evacuated.  I-70 is being shut down, traffic is re-routed to Grand Mesa Highway 65.  This fire went from 1,500 to 10,000 acres today.

We still see wonderful stories of love and sharing from all Colorado people.  I am so proud of this state! We may be going through a huge trial....but we still love and stay strong.

On Facebook today.

Bless you Firefighters!  Many are going from one fire to the next.  They have to be bone tired.  Lord Bless them and give them strength as they fight for our precious state.

Thanks again folks for your prayers.  We love you all!

Wednesday Fire Update. 6/27/12

Taken from a friend in our town today... Pine Ridge fire. Last night @ 700 acres threatening houses near Debeque.

Sister's house still standing, all though one block over from her is gone in Colorado Springs.

To check on each fire go to this link. You can click on the name of each fire, and it takes you to a map that you can zoom into and check where it is at. 

You Lord are in Control!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Thank you so very much everyone for your prayers!  We really appreciate all of them!

Have added more fires...

We did hear from my sister, they are staying with friends in town, and are ok.  May not get back to their house until the end of the week or later.  Pictures from today are terrible... homes have been lost.

However... we look at the fire fighters, and all their hard work... Thousands of them... bless them Lord.  People are opening their homes to friends... giving above and beyond! Good coming from ashes, God's hands in action, thank you Lord !

Thanks again for the prayers.  We will see Victory coming from this.  God will bring us all through this, stronger!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Update on Fires.

Things have not gotten a whole lot better we have added more fires!

The Springer fire where my friend is at is pretty much contained, Thank you Jesus!
However, My sister Tammy and family have been evacuated because of the Waldo Canyon Fire, and we have not heard from her since her orginal post.  The town of Manitou Springs was evacuated as well.  They are in more danger than Colorado Springs at this point.
Colorado Springs

There is a fire in South West Colorado Called the Webber fire that is now over 7,000 acres between Durango and Mancos, Colorado, not far from Cortez where Jim and I graduated from High School.
From the Denver Post web site.

This map shows where the 8 fires are now.  Please pray over each one, that they all can be contained.  The High Park fire in Fort Collins is still only 45 % contained, and going strong.

Appreciate your prayers over our precious state!

Hugs, Ma and Pa

Friday, June 22, 2012

High Top Baby Converse Booties!

After alot to trial and error, I got these High Top Converse Booties done.  I found the pattern on Pinterest, and the link is here.  The creator has it written in Brazelian Portuguese, but, never fear you can scroll down to the bottom and there is directions in english.  Please just make these for your personal use and not for sale, and be sure and give Josi credit when you share with someone, they took alot of work to create!

I wanted to do it in yarn and purchased several kinds of yarn, and was not happy until I found Bernet Baby yarn.

After making them, I am thinking I will try my next pair with doiley crochet thread,(which I believe the pattern was calling for) as this pair will fit Malakhi when he is about 5-6 months old.  But they are still cute.

For the black I used regular 4 ply yarn and divided in into 2 ply, and it worked fine.  I just did a chain stitch for the laces, and did not double back as the pattern called for. That made them "curley" like the kids like.

Having lots of fun with making things for our 1st great grand son Malakhi.  Next is some felt booties...

Ma and Pa

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ring of Prayer for Colorado!

Living in Colorado is such a joy, the majestic mountains, and beautiful valleys are why we all choose to live here. As such our hearts are saddened as we see all the fires in our precious state!

We have a drought condition in most of Colorado, and all our mountains are tender dry.  For years now we have been fighting the pine beetle that has been killing our pine trees, and we are making some progress, but, it has left alot of dead trees that are fuel for these fires.  Also, for years we have not been allowed to go into the forests and gleen alot of dead trees for firewood, only 3 cords per family, and you must have a permit.  So, there are many downed trees that also fuel that fire.
High Park Fire
High Park fire near Fort Collins is 55% contained, and has burned 189 homes with 2,000 still threatened.  93 square miles of beautiful forest is gone, some of it had the beetle kill, which has made it so hard for the almost 2,000 fire fighters to fight.
High Park Fire
We have 2 cousins and families and an elderly Aunt living in Ft. Collins and we are praying for them daily. 

To make things worse we have had an extraordinarily large amount of wind this Spring and Summer, which also makes it dangerous for the fire fighters.
Near Lake George
Springer Fire near Woodland Park, Colorado, also has burned almost 2,000 acres, with 480 fire fighters fighting this fire. This fire is burning 3 miles south of Lake George, 150 homes have been evacuated, and the winds continue to blow and cause concern.  To top it off, there is an arsonist that has set 9 fires in the area since Monday, making a bigger concern for all the residents.  We have a dear friend that lives in a beautiful valley there, that needs our prayers of safety as well. We are also lifting her and family up daily.
View of Pikes Peak from Cabin Balcony.
Our family has been in Divide, Colorado for 2 years for a family reunion.  It is near this fire.  All this area is so beautiful and our hearts are saddened to think of the damage.

Please join us in a Ring of Prayer for Colorado!  We need God's hand to stop these fires, and to catch that arsonist, and to protect our people and our beautiful mountains.
Please join us that the "ring of fires" will be stopped as we join in an even more powerful Ring of Prayer covering our entire state. 
From Faith, Hope, and Love on Face Book
Bless you for your prayers,
And praising God for the VICTORY ahead of time!
Ma and Pa

Monday, June 18, 2012

Relay for Life Superheros

Our Julie, second for left.

This weekend our daughter Julie and her Mary Kay Superheros team participated in Relay for Life.

We have had several family members that lost their battle with cancer,  Mama Marilyn, and Pa Jim's 2 sisters Kathy and Darlene, so she did this in memory of them.  She met her goal of $500.00 dollars and put in 12 miles that night, some of it running!

If you are asked to help in a Relay for Life, please consider helping this great cause.  It could mean a cure is around the corner!  And how wonderful it would be if we could beat this terrible disease!

Way to go Julie, we are proud of you!

Ma and Pa

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What makes a Father?

As we celebrate Father's Day today, I ask what makes a Father? Anyone can "father" a child, but it takes someone special to be Daddy, Dad and Papa to a family.

A father is so important to his child.  A child always has a mother's love, but the child is always looking for special acceptance and love from their Daddy. No matter if you are a girl or boy.

Dad Nixon

I had a good Dad, that loved me dearly.  He fought alcohol, and lost the battle before Jim and I were married. Even though Dad fought his demons, I loved him and knew he loved me.  Papa Lynch did his graveside service.

Papa Lynch

Then Papa Lynch took over. He was a pastor, and Jim being the last of 8 children, I was one of his kids.  He showed me God's love in action in many ways.  I accepted Jesus under his preaching , and he baptized me.  I loved him so much.

Pa Jim loves his family.  His girls are everything to him, and then his grand kids... well look at the pride on his face for our grand sons. Each child is precious, and he loves them with all his heart.  He has always been there for his family, often denying himself, and putting them first.

As I look at our Sons-in-love, each one is special.

Michael is our oldest daughter Marilyn's husband.  He loves all his girls, and works so hard driving truck, even though he is often in pain in his back.  He also loves serving the Lord, and plays in praise and worship.  A kid at heart, is always teasing us and in the middle of the grand kids playing with glee. He has such a soft heart, and loves all animals.  When he isn't in the middle of kids, he is snuggling what ever pet is handy.  A gentle loving man.

Julie's husband Micah is another giving and caring dad.  He is so very proud of his sons, and he is involved in all they do.  He works a 40 hour job, plus does side jobs in construction, and yet finds time to be involved in their church as a leader of young boys. Each son knows that their Dad will always be there no matter what.

Sherry's dear Jerrad is a special father.  When he and Sherry got together, Sherry had divorced, had 2 children plus had helped raise 2 step children, one Mike is still in our lives, and soon to be a dad of his own.  Jerrad had a son (red head) that lived in Steamboat Springs that he only gets to see a few times a year, but supports over and above required.  Then they had JJ together.  Each of those kids, Jerrad claims as HIS child, and loves each one so much. He works hard in construction, and provides the best he can. He has stepped in and become the best father he can for all of them.
Each of these Fathers have traits of THE FATHER, our Abba Father.  They love, and forgive.  They provide and lead.  They are a whisper away, They hover over their loved ones, and watch them with pride and joy.
Thank you Jesus for each Father in our lives.  Strengthen them, provide for them and give them wisdom as they lead their families with your guidance.
We are blessed this fathers day, and pray you are!
Ma and Pa

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bits and Pieces

From CALLED magazine.

I am laughing at myself today, as I sit here my mind is going in 100 different directions. 

Bits and pieces is the story of our lives here.  Since I work still, I get my home duties done in bits and pieces, and my crafts and just about anything I do... such is the story of most things that go on today.

Mabe that is why this blog is not "dedicated" to one thing!
It is just bits and pieces!

People are so busy that you have to "fit things in" now a days. That can be good and bad as well.  You just have to decide what is the most important thing to do today, and do it.

Yes, I still have my to do list, but, it is not a daily thing, it is a running list of things that need to be done, and they get crossed of when they are accomplished.  My list is always added to more than it is crossed off it seems, but at least crossing a few off a day does the soul good.

So, what are you doing with your bits and pieces today? What is the most important thing that needs done?

I have so many things that I want to share with you, but alas I also have to get to my to do list and accomplish a few of my tasks, but will be back soon to share some more bits and pieces of our lives.

God has a masterpiece in mind when He thinks of you!

Hugs, Ma and Pa

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lion of Judah!

And one of the elders said unto me, weep not: behold, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed...  Rev. 5:5

From the Community Bible Study on Facebook today.

Sometimes as we go through trial we forget that we are a Victor.  God prepared the way from begining to end!  Praise God no matter what the future holds, we have victory in Christ our Lord!

Just had to share today...

Have a blessed day,

Ma and Pa

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Malakhi's afghan.

Baby Malakhi's Afghan is done!

It is my own pattern, something very simple, and worked up quickly.  So, if you have a little one due soon, you might want to try this one.

4 skeins of Caron Simply Soft Collection yarn.

I chose: Tapestry 0001, Lemon 0017, White 9701, and Soft Blue 9712.  They have a lot of colors to choose from.

Size F Crochet Hook

Starting with any color you choose, chain 145, chain 3 and
 and turn .

Row 1: Using color A, dc in each sc across, chain 3 and turn
Row 2: Skip the first dc, and dc in the back loop across, chain 3 and turn.  Bind off color A, and add color B.
Rows 3 and 4 : Using color B, repeat row 2. Bind off color B, and add color C.
Rows 5 and 6: Using color C, repeat row 2. Bind off and add color D.
Rows 7 and 8: Using color D, repeat row 2.

Now you have your color pattern made. Repeat the color pattern until there are 6 sets (24 rows).


Row 1: With white starting in a corner, 3 sc, and then sc in each row, and each dc loop on the sides, 3 sc in the corners, and in each stitch on the ends one sc. Bind off.

Row 2: Starting in the corner with color of your choice, 3 dc, and dc around, putting 3 dc in each corner. Bind off.

Row 3: Using white, join in the corner, and chain 3, 2 dc in the same space, ch 1, and 3 dc in the same space as the previous 3 stitches.( This makes one shell ) Skip 2 dc, sc in 3rd dc, and skip 2 dc again making another shell.  Continued this pattern across.  Adjust your stitches if necessary by skipping one dc before making a sc or shell so as to end in a shell in each corner. Bind off. 

Now on to booties!  More to follow...

Having fun preparing for our great grandson!
Ma and Pa