Sunday, June 17, 2012

What makes a Father?

As we celebrate Father's Day today, I ask what makes a Father? Anyone can "father" a child, but it takes someone special to be Daddy, Dad and Papa to a family.

A father is so important to his child.  A child always has a mother's love, but the child is always looking for special acceptance and love from their Daddy. No matter if you are a girl or boy.

Dad Nixon

I had a good Dad, that loved me dearly.  He fought alcohol, and lost the battle before Jim and I were married. Even though Dad fought his demons, I loved him and knew he loved me.  Papa Lynch did his graveside service.

Papa Lynch

Then Papa Lynch took over. He was a pastor, and Jim being the last of 8 children, I was one of his kids.  He showed me God's love in action in many ways.  I accepted Jesus under his preaching , and he baptized me.  I loved him so much.

Pa Jim loves his family.  His girls are everything to him, and then his grand kids... well look at the pride on his face for our grand sons. Each child is precious, and he loves them with all his heart.  He has always been there for his family, often denying himself, and putting them first.

As I look at our Sons-in-love, each one is special.

Michael is our oldest daughter Marilyn's husband.  He loves all his girls, and works so hard driving truck, even though he is often in pain in his back.  He also loves serving the Lord, and plays in praise and worship.  A kid at heart, is always teasing us and in the middle of the grand kids playing with glee. He has such a soft heart, and loves all animals.  When he isn't in the middle of kids, he is snuggling what ever pet is handy.  A gentle loving man.

Julie's husband Micah is another giving and caring dad.  He is so very proud of his sons, and he is involved in all they do.  He works a 40 hour job, plus does side jobs in construction, and yet finds time to be involved in their church as a leader of young boys. Each son knows that their Dad will always be there no matter what.

Sherry's dear Jerrad is a special father.  When he and Sherry got together, Sherry had divorced, had 2 children plus had helped raise 2 step children, one Mike is still in our lives, and soon to be a dad of his own.  Jerrad had a son (red head) that lived in Steamboat Springs that he only gets to see a few times a year, but supports over and above required.  Then they had JJ together.  Each of those kids, Jerrad claims as HIS child, and loves each one so much. He works hard in construction, and provides the best he can. He has stepped in and become the best father he can for all of them.
Each of these Fathers have traits of THE FATHER, our Abba Father.  They love, and forgive.  They provide and lead.  They are a whisper away, They hover over their loved ones, and watch them with pride and joy.
Thank you Jesus for each Father in our lives.  Strengthen them, provide for them and give them wisdom as they lead their families with your guidance.
We are blessed this fathers day, and pray you are!
Ma and Pa

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  1. This is a post full of tender love and care. It is good to see so much love for another. This is what makes it a happy family.