Monday, June 18, 2012

Relay for Life Superheros

Our Julie, second for left.

This weekend our daughter Julie and her Mary Kay Superheros team participated in Relay for Life.

We have had several family members that lost their battle with cancer,  Mama Marilyn, and Pa Jim's 2 sisters Kathy and Darlene, so she did this in memory of them.  She met her goal of $500.00 dollars and put in 12 miles that night, some of it running!

If you are asked to help in a Relay for Life, please consider helping this great cause.  It could mean a cure is around the corner!  And how wonderful it would be if we could beat this terrible disease!

Way to go Julie, we are proud of you!

Ma and Pa


  1. I used to be a Mary Kay consultant and now I am a breast cancer survivor!

    thanks for praying for our fire - no lives lost, no homes burned and the winds are taking it another way but it is now over 1000 acres. Winds have gentled (we are usually gale force up here) Appreciate you so very much!

  2. A totally inspiring cause, post and run.

  3. wish I knew how else to talk with you! Fire - winds picked up but cool front coming and slight chance of rain - now we have an arsonist working in the area - 9 fires set since Monday and 7 within 2 hours yesterday - God have mercy and let the person be caught soon!
    THANKS for praying!