Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keeping busy in Colorado

We are in the middle of our busy time here.  The garden is coming on....and it is HOT outside, so must water alot.. and we have lots of birthdays in the summer. 

We got together for the July birthdays this last week. Marilyn and Michael and girls were here from Northglenn too, AND we had Mike and Tanya and baby Malakhi with us too.  Passed off the camera to Summer my amateur
photographer, she loves taking pictures.

Almost as much as she loves being an aunt!

Mike and Tanya are such a good Mom and Dad!

Lots of playing...

and eating.....

and snuggling!

This week it is back to busy work on my days off... so much needs done, and it keeps us on the go.

Had our first picking of green beans this year.  Gave away about 5 pounds, and have another 5  here to can.  We have begun to pick tomatoes and cucumbers and our eggplant is almost ready to pick.  We are eagerly watching our watermelon, we have 2 plants, and one is really putting on a show... and has several watermelons growing.

Our other show off is our hibiscus... these blossoms are 8 inches across!  They last for one day and die back, so you can see this bush is very busy!

We are busy and blessed here.... hope you are too!

Hugs, Ma and Pa

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Waldo Canyon Heroes!

Just read this story in the Gazette, about a fire team that worked in the fire the night Mountain Shadows had the fire storm.  Brought tears to my eyes.  These men saved my sisters house on Champagne Drive.  God Bless them!

As this story says they have now "moved on" to other fires.
If you see any of these heroes out there please give them the love and respect and honor they deserve!  It is not just doing a job, it is saving a future for so many.

Thankful for these heroes.
 The Tahoe National Forest strike team!
Ma and Pa

Sunday, July 8, 2012

God's Recycle.

Are you like me?  Wanting to be a "Fix-it-myself-somehow" person?   Raise your hand... I know you are out there!

God has been working on me to give Him, all my worries, concerns, and stress.  All my life, even the smallest thing that I would think He would not bother with.

Worry does not add a moment to our lives, and God is not in heaven wringing His hands wondering what is going to happen next.  HE is in control!

One day after a back and forth day of trying to figure out things in my own strength, God stopped me and gave me this illustration so I will always remember to trust Him.

Using the all to familiar recycle clip art, He showed me to continue the circle.... until I got it from my head to my heart.  God's Recycle! 

So what about you what are you holding onto?  What part of me have I not given to Him?

Shortly after this revelation I was on one of my favorite sites, The Elijah's List . I go there as often as I can to soak in God's word from many people.  On May 23, 2012
Eileen Fisher Ministries, had a word that spoke exactly to what God was trying to show me.  Her word of "Putting everything on the alter of sacrifice" reinforced what God wanted me to know, showing me in more detail... I am to put All on the alter.  Yes my problems, but my goals, my dreams, everything I do.  I do hope you go to this and read it, and soak it in.  It is awesome.

So, if you come by Ma and Pa's house you will see many little recycle signs through out the house.  Some people ask why, and I get to share the true meaning of God's Recycle.

I hope now when you see the recycle sign, you will remember what it really means!

Hugs, Ma and Pa

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Update on Wildfires 7/3/12

Thank you Firefighters for your very, very, hard work, it is paying off for Colorado!
On facebook today... so fitting!

These men gave their all to save our precious state, and just saying Thank You, does not seem enough.

Here is today's totals for the fires that remain to date here.

Waldo Canyon Fire(Colorado Springs) is 70 % contained. *
High Park ( Fort Collins) is 100 % PTL.
Pine Ridge (our fire near Debeque) 90%.
Little Sand (near Pagosa Springs) 40%.
Weber ( near Mancos) 85 %. *
Treasure (Leadville) 100% PTL.
Lightner (Durango) 80%. *
Flagstaff ( SW of Boulder) 90 %.
Springer (Lake George) 100% PTL. *
Sunrise Mine (Paradox) 100%. *

* = Human caused.

The biggest praise for our family is my sister and family are back in their home in Mountain Shadows subdivision in Colorado Springs!  Thank you Lord and Firefighters!

We continue to pray for complete containment. Also for our sister states that are all fighting fires of their own. So many of them, and they all have losses that we need to pray for.

Again, thanks you so much for your service firefights, bless you! Thank you blog friends for your prayers. You indeed are a God-send blessing.

Very thankful for you!

Ma and Pa