Thursday, June 27, 2013

Life in our corner of the woods.... Keep Praying!

New welcome sign we just finished.

Summer is here in Colorado. We are now in the 100's ! So much is going on, and we are slowly attacking our little jungle in the back yard.  We are thankful every day for our new home, God is so good! 
Since I am still working 40+ hours a week our projects are taking a little longer to accomplish, but it is all taking shape and we are excited to see the fruits of our labor. We have our raised bed gardens up and growing, the walnut trees are heavy with nuts.  We have gotten rid of several vines on the back fence with 3 more big plants to go.  We have empty lots behind us, about 10 acres or so and the owner is not caring for it, so we sawed down 3 elm trees, and are slowly getting the weeds under control behind our fence. You can only do it in the early morning though as it is too hot to work in after 11 or so.
You probably have heard that Colorado again has many wild fires. 12 right now.  The biggest one in South Fork, Colorado. This fire is called the West Fork Complex as it is a combination of 3 individual fires.  It is threatening South Fork, Wagon Wheel gap, and is not far from Creede.  Plus there are cabins every where.
Remember that wonderful family reunion we had last year there in this beautiful home? This home is in Wagon Wheel Gap area, half way between South Fork and Creede.
Katie and Leland have been evacuated, as well as 2 aunts and uncles, Delton and Betty and Tommy and Gary, plus a cousin Joann and husband. Tommy and Gary stay in South Fork year round, and Delton and Betty come to their South Fork home in the Summer, as does Katie and Leland to this home in the Wagon Wheel Gap area. Joann lives there year round near South Fork and has a beauty shop in town.  Right now the fire is about 3 miles behind this home, and on the other side is about 4 miles from South Fork.
Smoke over Del Norte.
Spanish Trail marker.
Currently there are over 1,300 fire fighters protecting homes all around the area. 81,000 acres so far and Wolf Creek Ski area is in danger as well. Today on Face Book there is a movie made by a fire fighter that gives you a taste of what they are going through.

Would appreciate your prayers for everyone, and if you get a chance hug a fire fighters neck today ok?  We love them dearly!

We are still praying, and thankful for our beautiful state.

Hugs, Ma and Pa

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fires again in Colorado

Our hearts are breaking as once again we have major fires in our state.
Right now we have 3 major fires burning.
Forest Fire Map
Big Meadows Fire 5 miles North of Grand Lake, CO.  Black Forest Fire near Colorado Springs , and Royal Gorge Fire near Canon City.
Big Meadows is 30% contained 353 acres and no structures have been damaged yet.
Google images. 
Black Forest fire which is in Colorado Springs area again is 5% contained 15,702 acres, 360 structures gone the first day, and many more are in danger.  This fire is  NE of where the fire was last year in the Mountain Shadows subdivision.  They are saying it is now the worst in Colorado history.
On Face Book today. 
Royal Gorge, outside of Canon City happened near the Royal Gorge Bridge, all the buildings are gone connected with Royal Gorge park area, the bridge sustained some damage but is in tact.  This fire is 40% contained, with 3,126 acres so far.
We have family near the Black Forest fire, our nephew and wife Doug and Jennifer.  They are 6 miles SE of the fire now.  Jennifer's cousin has lost her home. They were able to move farm animals and get a few possessions out ahead of the fire.
Please keep our precious state in your prayer!
Ma and Pa