Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lessons from a Honeysuckle Bush

You have seen flowers from our garden, but today I want to share a mess I am working with.

We once had a beautiful 10 year old Honeysuckle hedge until our neighbor decided to spray his weeds on his side, and you guessed it... it totally killed the hedge.  Now this is not a story about being mad at the neighbor... he just was not thinking. 

I started attacking the dead parts last year after we figured out it was totally gone.  And we figured out some runners had rooted a small distance from the fence.

I made it this far during the summer and fall of last year, and as you can see, our new growth is growing... Yeah!

As I have been whacking away a this, it has reminded me of the messes we sometimes get ourselves in.  How we can have something big and beautiful, and one thoughtless act can change everything. 

 We have a strong friendship, and one thoughtless statement that hurts one, and the friendships dies.

 We have a beautiful marriage, and put everything else in front of it, and the marriage grows cold.

We have beautiful children, but do not parent them as well as we can, and the bond between us fades.

What is left from this is a lot of cleaning up... alot of work to get things back to the way it was.  Weather it be from plants or relationships....

I have been reminded to never take things for granted. 
To work hard on all my relationships, be it friend, spouse, or child, they all need nurturing.  Watered with love.

So, as I clean this up, I intend to work even harder on all the above, and never take anything for granted.

Each day, each relationship, is a gift from God! For which I am so very thankful!

Whacking away, and bringing in new growth.

Ma and Pa

Thursday, April 26, 2012

No Worries.

This was on GodVine on Facebook today and I just had to share.  No worries... God is already there.

Hugs, Ma and Pa

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Moments of time.

Stopping by for a brief moment to let you know Ma and Pa are still kicking...

It has been a busy week.  Put 48 hours in and still have 2 more days to go until I have a couple of days off.

However we have managed to get a few things done.  Worked in the yard some, and found these beauties.

As you can see the Peonies are coming on strong behind them too, I so love them too.

We went to the Salvation Army store the other day to find a table for our neighbor.  He has macular degeneration, and just got a machine that magnifies his books and needed a table the right height.  Ralph loves to read and it is a big part of his life.  We found one that works well.  And I found these cuties.

Pixies!  Mama Marilyn, my adopted Mama, always had pixies among her house plants, so I had to scatter these in my inside plants.... makes me smile and think of her.

I also have been adding to the arsenal of natural cleaning products that I use.  Pa Jim has COPD, and all the chemicals do not help with the breathing, besides the cost of all the cleaning products have gone up.  When you make your own, it is sooo much cheaper and better.  So, I have made my own scouring powder.

First go and find some good size salt and pepper shakers.
Mix 4 parts baking soda to one part borax.  Here is 1/2 cup borax to 2 cups of baking soda.  Fill both shakers and you have one for the kitchen and one for the bath.

Thanks for stopping by... and enjoy your spring weather!

In the Sonshine.. Ma and Pa

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Farewell dear friend.

As the years slip by, it is hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly.

Jim went off to the Navy in 1968, and when he was there he made some very dear friends.  Through the years they have all remainded friends, although we have not gotten to see them like we wanted.
Jim, Bick, and DJ

One of his friends, Bick, was like a brother to him.  Jim, Bick and DJ were always together, where one was, you would find the other 2.  About 4 years ago, Bick called, and they guys have been talking at least once a month since.

We found out the day after our anniversary that Bick passed away on our anniversay.  We will miss him dearly.  He was a special friend.

Take time today to reach out to those friends you have not spoken to lately.  You never know what the future holds, share the love while you can!

Remembering, Ma and Pa

On the run and having fun!

Whew... we have been busy the last few days, always on the go it seems.

We had a great Easter with our families that live here in town.  Our grand kids are getting so big, but they still love Easter, and all it holds.

Our "big" grand kids Colton and Summer

Our smallest... (so far) J.J (Jerrad James)
Logan, Colton, Trystan, Neighbor and Cesar in tree. 

Like you, although we live in the same town, we do not get together as often as we want.  So the cousins so enjoy getting time together when they can.  Not to mention their folks and Ma and Pa.

Speaking of grand kids..... our oldest grand kid Mike and wife Tonya are having our 1st great-grand this summer and I finally woke up to the fact I had best get my tail in gear in making some grannie goodies for our little great grand son Malakhi.  So....
Got some yarn and am starting with an afghan... will post when it is done.  It is going fast, thankfully.  I also have a co-worker expecting a girl this summer, so will get busy with booties etc. for her too.

We have been working in our yard when we can, you never know with Colorado weather.  Our saying is...
If you don't like the weather here, wait a day, it will change. LOL. We pick the good days and get busy in the yard, there is a lot to do, but we are getting it done, and it is looking much better.

As for work, we are down 2 people, and I will be working 48 hours for the next few weeks until they get more hired and trained.... always busy!  Soooo looking forward to retirement :).
Our to-do list is always growing, and will get done one thing at a time.  In the mean time we are enjoying our days together.
We will stop by and post when we can! 
Thanks for stopping by!
Hugs, Ma and Pa

Monday, April 9, 2012

41 Years ago

April 8th, yesterday, was also a special day for Ma and Pa Lynch.... 41 years ago we started on a journey together.

That journey has led us through mountain tops and valleys, with many blessings, a few heartaches, and always holding hands.  God has been so good to us!

Ma and Pa

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Resurrection Day!

We want to wish  you are your family a blessed Easter filled with Love and Family!

Love, Ma and Pa

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good Friday.

Our Precious Jesus gave us such a gift that Friday years ago. We can never imagine, what He went through, but we do know that His whole life was aimed for this one day.

As he went through the mocking, the trials, the pain of all the lashes on his back (which brought us healing), and the cross...
He had us on His mind.

He does not want any of us to be lost.... like the good shepherd looking for the one lost sheep, He continues to pull on our heart strings today.

May we listen to His voice and answer the call, and say YES to His precious gift of life!

May Good Friday usher in a Blessed Easter to your and you family.

With love, Ma and Pa

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

Happy Palm Sunday!  We are praising God for His goodness today!

We had an awesome week last week, at our church we had "Week of Glory", now we were not able to go all the time because of my work schedule, but thankfully either got to watch it live feed, or on the archives.  We had Jessie Duplantis, Keith Moore and Mark and Trina Hankins as special preachers.  All were so special as was our Pastors John and Carla. 

Wind has been blowing quite abit still, although the weather is nice and warm.  So, I have been outside now and then getting the yard spruced up.  This will take a bit to get done, but, we have time.  They are saying we will have rain or snow tomorrow.... so you never know about weather here in Colorado!  Poor Pa is dealing with allergies with all the wind so maybe some moisture will help with the pollen! 

What do you have to Praise God for today?

Praising Him always,
Ma and Pa