Sunday, December 8, 2013

Unwinding.... enjoying the season.

Wow... looking back on the last few months I realize how "hunkered down" we have been!
It is not that we have had major problems... just allowed life to jostle us about, and not allowing ourselves to relax and let the Lord direct.  Such is the life of a fix-it person I suppose.  Well that is going to change.... NOW!
I am so enjoying being a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.  Love the girls I am associated with too.  Got a chance to go on the fall retreat in Breckenridge this fall and it was so much fun! Four of us got to go from our Unit.
Learned so much and had a ball.

There was 3 Mom and Daughter teams there too!
We also harvested our veggies and walnuts, and are looking forward to a new and better year.  Discovered a wonderful recipe this year.  Peach Jalapeno Jam.... to die for! Use the recipe for Peach Jam, but first prepare 3 moderate Jalapenos, seed them and chop fine in a blender. Put them in the measuring cup first, then add the required amount of prepared peaches for recipe.  We must have made 6 batches of this and gave away 4 LOL.  Everyone loves it.
Had a wonderful time with Marilyn and girls here for Thanksgiving.  She spent the week here and it was so good to be able to have time to visit.  Miss having them close by. Had some awesome games of Jenga too.

So now we are coming to the Christmas season.  We are headed to the annual Christmas Blessings Banquet tonight for our church, CrossPoint.   Where we honor the House of Promise ministry for young mothers.  Looking forward to it!
To help us all to not have to buy gifts for everyone in our growing family we have been drawing names now for a couple of  years.  Couples drawings and kids drawings.  It helps us all focus on the important part.  Worshiping our Lord and enjoying the family.  Grandma still does not know how to act not scurrying about... oh my.  But, I suppose I will get used to it!
We Pray this season is a blessing to you as it is us. If we remember to put God first, it all falls into place.
Love, Ma and Pa


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Colorado Floods

Our hearts are breaking again for our dear state.  As many of you know we have flooding here. In Northern Colorado they have had more rain this last week than they usually have in one year. 
Amanda Johnson's picture
This was taken from the air... Look at that rain!
There has been flooding for over 200 miles as the water continues into the plains. So far 1,800 homes destroyed.  Our hearts go out to all the people in it's path. It is so hard to describe, but today on Facebook there was a post from some pilots that will give you a
birds eye view.  Thanks Drifto production.
We are asking for your prayers as the days continue that the lost will be found, and we can dry out some.
On a happy note, we just returned from our Lynch Family reunion and celebration at Wagon Wheel Gap!
Remember the cabin you were praying for?  Well it still stands, and there is no burned area around it...
God is so Good! Here are a couple of pictures from the Deck:

Thank you Lord for your Grace and protection!
God is in the restoration business, and this area is doing great.  Everywhere you see signs praising the Fire fighters... they did a wonderful job!
So, as we think about all that Colorado has gone through in the last years, we are seeking God's wisdom and asking that many will turn to Him.  He has not left us, but instead is waiting with open arms.
A closer walk with Thee picture.
Thanks so much for your prayers!
Looking up,
Ma and Pa

Sunday, August 11, 2013

All things new!

As you all know we love lapidary, and making beautiful jewelry. 
Jim now has a fantastic shop, and has been happily putting it in order. He also has been teaching classes at the Gem and Mineral club we belong to.  So, when he had his latest Intarsia class, I joined in as well, and soon found out what a great teacher he is!
Here is the class. We are learned a lot, and had so much fun.
Some of the beautiful pieces that our students made.
Jim and Jeanie in class.

My first Intarsia!
Jim has also been teaching lost wax casting, and some silver smithing in his shop as well.  He is happily doing what he loves!
This week we got to be part of a special mile stone for our daughter Julie.  She worked so hard and earned the greatest award for a Mary Kay Consultant.
A Mary Kay Car!
So proud of her!

Her family.

Proud Ma and Pa too.
We are so happy for her.  She also will have her debut as a Director on the 16th... another big milestone!
Being so proud of her, I have also joined her team, and am now an Independent Mary Kay Consultant! And intend to follow in her footsteps and be the best I can be.  Join me at my website at
and see what wonderful products Mary Kay has!
It would be my pleasure to serve you!
So, we are off on our new journey, our jewelry making, and to soon go "on the road" to shows, and also my Mary Kay business, which I am so happy to get started in.
Thanks for stopping by, will be posting soon!
Happy and busy in Colorado,
Ma and Pa



Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Circle of Life!

As we are finally getting things in order here at home, we are getting back to our old projects.
One of those being putting all our pictures in order.  Which is no easy task... I was very good about putting pictures in albums when we were first married, and when our first daughter was born.  However after that they all went into a shoebox, after shoebox, after shoebox.  Did I tell you we like to take pictures? Lol!
Back in the 90's when scrap booking was popular I started scrap booking recent pictures and got about 5 years worth of pictures done, however, the books quickly "fell apart" with all the weight of the extra paper... oh well.
They got taken apart and added to the pile.
Recently we were putting the year 1997 to "bed", and here are a couple of pictures that were in there.
This is our newborn Summer.
Here is Sherry and Shawna. Shawna is her step daughter.
Now somehow we do not think feel we have gotten older until we look back at our treasured pictures, and we realize that yes, we have, but we are also very blessed!
Here are those girls today.
This weekend they had a Happy 16th birthday party for Summer (60's theme of course... She loves the Beatles like her Mom), and here is Summer, Shawna (expecting twins soon) and honey Patrick. 
So here we are full circle, our "baby" daughter is about to be Grandma again!
Life is good here for Ma and Pa

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Committment and Faith.... and God!

Well it is bragging time for Ma and Pa.
Our middle daughter Julie Berg has been a Mary Kay Lady for 19 years.  During that time she has moved several times and had to start her business from scratch.  But she held onto a dream.
Some day.... "I will be a Mary Kay Director, and drive a Mary Kay Car."
She has been working so hard, and 4 months ago began the run to earn her car, and also to qualify for 4 months to become Director.
 She and her team "Berg Believers" had a verse for this that they held onto.
Proverbs 16:3 says "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans."  
Here is the results!
Here is the beautiful car that will soon be delivered to her.  They are making it just for her with "Mary Kay" highlights.
She got her pin, and will soon have her Director Debut...
Not only did she become director but she helped 2 of her friends become directors also!
Here is the director trio!  Julie is in the middle.
Needless to say... Ma and Pa are bustin buttons proud of our girl!  And this is just the beginning of a new chapter in her life.
Thank you Lord for honoring our girl with her commitment to you and her team!
Stay tuned for Car delivery and Director Debut pictures :).
Proud as Peacocks,
Ma and Pa

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Life in our corner of the woods.... Keep Praying!

New welcome sign we just finished.

Summer is here in Colorado. We are now in the 100's ! So much is going on, and we are slowly attacking our little jungle in the back yard.  We are thankful every day for our new home, God is so good! 
Since I am still working 40+ hours a week our projects are taking a little longer to accomplish, but it is all taking shape and we are excited to see the fruits of our labor. We have our raised bed gardens up and growing, the walnut trees are heavy with nuts.  We have gotten rid of several vines on the back fence with 3 more big plants to go.  We have empty lots behind us, about 10 acres or so and the owner is not caring for it, so we sawed down 3 elm trees, and are slowly getting the weeds under control behind our fence. You can only do it in the early morning though as it is too hot to work in after 11 or so.
You probably have heard that Colorado again has many wild fires. 12 right now.  The biggest one in South Fork, Colorado. This fire is called the West Fork Complex as it is a combination of 3 individual fires.  It is threatening South Fork, Wagon Wheel gap, and is not far from Creede.  Plus there are cabins every where.
Remember that wonderful family reunion we had last year there in this beautiful home? This home is in Wagon Wheel Gap area, half way between South Fork and Creede.
Katie and Leland have been evacuated, as well as 2 aunts and uncles, Delton and Betty and Tommy and Gary, plus a cousin Joann and husband. Tommy and Gary stay in South Fork year round, and Delton and Betty come to their South Fork home in the Summer, as does Katie and Leland to this home in the Wagon Wheel Gap area. Joann lives there year round near South Fork and has a beauty shop in town.  Right now the fire is about 3 miles behind this home, and on the other side is about 4 miles from South Fork.
Smoke over Del Norte.
Spanish Trail marker.
Currently there are over 1,300 fire fighters protecting homes all around the area. 81,000 acres so far and Wolf Creek Ski area is in danger as well. Today on Face Book there is a movie made by a fire fighter that gives you a taste of what they are going through.

Would appreciate your prayers for everyone, and if you get a chance hug a fire fighters neck today ok?  We love them dearly!

We are still praying, and thankful for our beautiful state.

Hugs, Ma and Pa

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fires again in Colorado

Our hearts are breaking as once again we have major fires in our state.
Right now we have 3 major fires burning.
Forest Fire Map
Big Meadows Fire 5 miles North of Grand Lake, CO.  Black Forest Fire near Colorado Springs , and Royal Gorge Fire near Canon City.
Big Meadows is 30% contained 353 acres and no structures have been damaged yet.
Google images. 
Black Forest fire which is in Colorado Springs area again is 5% contained 15,702 acres, 360 structures gone the first day, and many more are in danger.  This fire is  NE of where the fire was last year in the Mountain Shadows subdivision.  They are saying it is now the worst in Colorado history.
On Face Book today. 
Royal Gorge, outside of Canon City happened near the Royal Gorge Bridge, all the buildings are gone connected with Royal Gorge park area, the bridge sustained some damage but is in tact.  This fire is 40% contained, with 3,126 acres so far.
We have family near the Black Forest fire, our nephew and wife Doug and Jennifer.  They are 6 miles SE of the fire now.  Jennifer's cousin has lost her home. They were able to move farm animals and get a few possessions out ahead of the fire.
Please keep our precious state in your prayer!
Ma and Pa 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our little "Jungle"

Yes we are still here, just on the run! Like most of  you too.
Pa's Shop is pretty much up and running and so our focus has been changed to our little "jungle".
The former owner planted some beautiful flowers, however, the only thing to eat in the yard is walnuts from our 2 walnut trees.
He also liked to plant lots of plants side by side..Thus our little jungle.
So, we got busy and went to the back yard and added Raised Bed garden #1, which has our tomatoes.
In the little holes of the cinder block is radishes and onions!  Notice all the plants in the corner where the brown is.  There are 6 huge plants there... Lol. All but 2 are going away.. On the other side of the porch is our 2nd raised bed garden. Needs filled with dirt, but we will have our peppers, and other things, in the little holes goes our garlic.
Also garden #3 for the year will go about where the wheel barrow is... next year we will put one (raised bed) on the other side of the house for our green beans.
There is a pretty plant growing in the back right now too.
Our little light purple Clematis!
We have lots of pretty ones in bloom in the front yard.
Dark purple Iris
Pink/Purple and white Columbine.
White, light and Medium purple Iris.
Yellow Columbine.
And next to that a purple and white Columbine.
In the front we have a bed that is almost empty except for a few straggling Iris plants. Our green beans will go there this year.
So, If you wonder where Ma and Pa are, we are in our little jungle...
Hoping all is well with all of you!
Hugs, Ma and Pa





Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back to "normal", whatever that is!

Wow, what a busy 2 months we have had... but we are now done.  Our little trailer sold, closing was this week. God chose a middle age lady that needed an economic place to live!  Praise God for His step by step leading!
So we are getting back to normal again.
Dad's shop is almost up and running...
I have pictures to put on the wall and that is all.
Outside has gotten a little attention as well, but needs alot more.  However we are excited to see all the flowers coming along.
Pansy Party!

Lilacs are so yummy! Love them!

Our sister cities on the East slope of Colorado got snow again... we got rain last night.
All needed moisture, but poor East slope has had a bunch of snow this year.

We hope this finds you all enjoying your spring!

We are settling in and happy,
Hugs, Ma and Pa


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Getting back in order.

We are Home!
So much to do when you move... especially when you fix up the old home to sell.
We got moved and spent the biggest part of March getting our little trailer home in order to sell and it is now on the market.
Pray with us that it sells quickly.  We painted the ceiling, washed the walls, did minor repair where needed, and Jim layed new tile in the kitchen, which turned out beautiful.
We are now unpacking after spending a special Easter with all our kids and grand kids.

Jim now has a 2 car garage that he is making into his jewelry shop, and it is taking shape.  He has needed this for so long and it is such a blessing!  We will soon be making jewelry and stockpiling so that we soon can move into our next phase of life... going to rock shows and fairs to supplement our income.  I am putting the house in order, and it is getting there as well.  Outside awaits, with even more pretty plants for us to enjoy.  We need to find room for our raised bed vegetable garden, as growing season is around the corner!
Stop by often to see our progress as we enjoy this special blessing the Lord has given us.
Praising the Lord daily,
Ma and Pa

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blessed Beyond Measure!

Our Daily Bread Picture.

It's ours.... we signed on our home on Friday, Praise the Lord!!!!

I have had to work this weekend, and have felt like a caged tiger, wanting to be free.  Jim shampooed and cleaned at the house so it will be ready for us, and I have from the 4th - 14th off.  So, we will see how much we can get done.   Neither of us have been sleeping past 4 am.... so we will get an early start of it anyway!

Will touch base and share pictures later!

Praising God for His goodness.

Ma and Pa

Monday, January 28, 2013

Praise God From Whom all Blessings Flow!

We have so much to be thankful for!
As I shared with you awhile back, we decided to start looking for a house to buy. 
We have gone back and forth, and actually put a contract on one house, only to find that it had so many things wrong with it, so we backed out.
But finally Praise the Lord, the Lord brought us a house that meets all our needs, and we are in the process of buying!

We have alot of hoops to jump through yet, but, we know that God will provide the way.

Please forgive us if we do not post often... we are busy, but our thoughts are with you all.

Praising God every day!
Ma and Pa

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

May 2013 be filled with many blessings!
Us with 10 of 12 grands.
We all have so much to be thankful for,
God always directs and leads the way,
He is our rock and our protection,
And never leaves us or forsakes us,
He knows our needs before we ask in prayer,
He loves us, with an everlasting love,
And gives us peace in the world around us.
Nothing is too big or too small to give to Him
to handle...
What more can we ask?  Our future is alway bright in Him.
Wishing you all blessings in 2013.

Ma and Pa