Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Colorado Floods

Our hearts are breaking again for our dear state.  As many of you know we have flooding here. In Northern Colorado they have had more rain this last week than they usually have in one year. 
Amanda Johnson's picture
This was taken from the air... Look at that rain!
There has been flooding for over 200 miles as the water continues into the plains. So far 1,800 homes destroyed.  Our hearts go out to all the people in it's path. It is so hard to describe, but today on Facebook there was a post from some pilots that will give you a
birds eye view.  Thanks Drifto production.
We are asking for your prayers as the days continue that the lost will be found, and we can dry out some.
On a happy note, we just returned from our Lynch Family reunion and celebration at Wagon Wheel Gap!
Remember the cabin you were praying for?  Well it still stands, and there is no burned area around it...
God is so Good! Here are a couple of pictures from the Deck:

Thank you Lord for your Grace and protection!
God is in the restoration business, and this area is doing great.  Everywhere you see signs praising the Fire fighters... they did a wonderful job!
So, as we think about all that Colorado has gone through in the last years, we are seeking God's wisdom and asking that many will turn to Him.  He has not left us, but instead is waiting with open arms.
A closer walk with Thee picture.
Thanks so much for your prayers!
Looking up,
Ma and Pa


  1. Praying - Mick goes into Colorado Springs each day to work and sometimes has to come home the long way through Canon City because the Ute Pass highway 24 is closed due to flooding... we still need the rain up here as ponds that have never been dry in 80 years are dry. Went to Breckenridge yesterday and up that way things are ok but the rest of the state is a mess, eh?

  2. I am headed to Breckenridge on Friday for Mary Kay Fall Retreat, glad to know all is well there. We have even been under flood advisories. Praying for you guys!

  3. Thanks for posting my storm photo!