Thursday, August 30, 2012

Best place to stay in Ouray, Colorado.

We were recently blessed with a very special gift.  Jim's cousin Terry presented us with a 2 night stay at a Bed and Breakfast in Ouray.  Pa Jim's birthday was Aug 24th so we decided to get away sometime close to there.  We were way overdo on needing to get away for awhile.
This is the 1898 House Bed and Breakfast.  It sits at 322 Main Street in Ouray.
The house has been totally restored and is beautiful.  These windows came from a church in England and are over 100 years old.

Here is the view to the dining room.
 Lee and Kathy Bates are the owners.
You simply must make this the place to stay when you go to Ouray, they are wonderful!
When we were there we rested.... and went to a few places.
 Visited a one of the biggest Silver mines nearby.
Ate at the O'Brien's Pub.  Awesome food, and great service.  Found something new we never tried before... battered deep fried dill pickles... to die for... nummy!  Ate here twice, because we loved it so much.
Rested on the upper deck outside our bedroom and enjoyed this view early in the morning.
We also so enjoyed the hummingbirds.  As we were on that upper deck they were at the porch area at the many feeders, and they would dive bomb each other and then come and hover near us checking us out... especially since Jim had a red jacket on.
Went to the Museum which was in the old miners hospital. 3 stories of awesome exhibits.  We confirmed how old we were when we caught ourselves saying.... we have this... or Mom had this.  LOL.  Here is a beautiful quilt that is over 100 years old.  I love the crazy patchwork pattern.
You never know what you will see on the street of Ouray.

 I had just told Jim if he wanted something special for his birthday here, he was to buy it and these guys drove by :).
Then when we were on our way to the museum we saw these two guys making themselves at home in someone's yard.
Our last breakfast with Lee and Kathy was on Jim's birthday and they had a surprise of a cherry coffee cake for him with a candle in it! 
Not only did we have a great time, we made some good friends too in Lee and Kathy.  Stop by their web site, and reserve your time next summer. View the little tour their grand-daughters give you of Ouray too.  You will be really glad you did!  We will be back.
Having fun in Colorado!
Ma and Pa


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thank you Lord!

We have so much to be thankful for!  How about you?

Our daughter Marilyn and grand daughters were in a car accident recently, but God protected them all.  They are fine. Then God provided enough money from their insurance to replace their car with a van... which they thought they would be looking at getting sometime soon, so it turned out well.

Our garden continues to produce, and Jim and I are busy picking and canning and trying to keep up.  We put up bread and butter pickles today. 

Aren't they pretty?  We looked all over for a recipe that we wanted and ended up making our own.  

Bread and Butter Pickles

16 cups of sliced medium (1/4 inch) pickling cucumbers.
2 red onions, thinly sliced.
1/2 cup kosher salt.
4 cups chopped ice.
5 cups cider vinegar.
5 cups sugar.
3/4 tsp. turmeric.
1/2 tsp. celery seeds.
1 Tab. mustard seeds.
1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper (no seeds).
3/4 tsp. ground cinnamon.
3/4 tsp. ground all spice.
3/4 tsp. ground cloves.

Combine cucumbers, salt and onions and chopped ice in a large bowl.  Mix them up well. Cover with a plate and put a weight on it (we used a gallon of vinegar).   Let stand for 3 hours.

Drain completely after 3 hours.

In a big pot, combine vinegar, sugar, turmeric, celery seed and mustard seed, pepper, cinnamon, all spice, and cloves. Put on a burner on a medium heat, adding drained cucumbers, and onions.

Heat mixture, do not allow it to boil, but make sure it is good and hot.  Have your canning jars hot in the dishwasher, or you can put them in the oven for a few minutes so they are hot.  Also have your rings and lids boiling in water. Take the pot off the burner.

Transfer hot mixture to jars and seal.  As long as you have hot jars, mixture and lids, your jars should seal and be fine without doing a hot water bath.  Ours did, and this is how we do our dill pickles as well with hot brine.

If you prefer to do a hot water bath, leave them in for 10 minutes.

Made another pair of booties the last couple of days.  A co-worker La Shana is really close to having her little girl, so I got busy and made these.

These little felt booties are so much fun to make.  I got the pattern here on Pinterest.  However, I have made them smaller for newborn to 3 month size.  I made the ties by braiding three colors of 3 strands each embroidery thread.  Also added a fabric bottom to it.  As I make these booties I have discovered more things that I will change and time...   Have more ideas for new ones down the road.

Wild fires are still going in the western states.  Our thoughts and prayers are with California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington and Idaho.  Many homes have been lost.  We have had smoke filtering into the valley from these fires the last few days, to where  you can hardly see the mountains today.  Thankfully Pa Jim has been doing alot better health wise, but smoke makes it hard to breath sometimes.  He seems to be doing ok though.. Thank you Jesus!

We are so thankful for all our  blessings... praying you have many to count as well!

Hugs, Ma and Pa

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Feeling the Heat.

          From Pet first health care.

Everyone is feeling the heat in the USA!  Us included, but thankfully we have finally had some rain showers.  Would love alot more but are thankful for what we have!

Praying for all,
Ma and Pa