Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Homemade Cleaning Wipes

This particular homemade cleaning product is my personal favorite!  I saw the recipe on One Good Thing by Jillee awhile back and I have been making my version ever since. 
My ingredients for the wipes are almost like Jillee's but I add more ammonia.
1C water
1/4 C rubbing alcohol
2 Tab. Dawn
1/4 C ammonia
I like the lemon ammonia when I can find it. Usually I make 2 recipes of this for my container, so that I have plenty of cleaning liquid. 
 I cut 2 tee shirts up, 5"x7" each and have the rags handy to put in my container. 

There is about 8 or more in the container right now, but I will go through those in a good cleaning day, so when I do, there is plenty of liquid left and I add more rags. 
What do I use them for? 
*Anything you would use a Clorox wipe for.
*Cleaning counter tops.
Jillee suggested using them with a swifter floor cleaner to scrub the floor.  I was not happy with that result, I instead get on my hands and knees and clean my tile floors - remember I live in a mobile home, and do not have alot of area to clean. However I just ordered some microfiber clothes that are the size of wash clothes that I think might work... they will scrub better.  I will still use this recipe with them.
So, if I have a few minutes to clean, I will always have a "wipe" in my hand cleaning something.  The wipes are then placed in the washer and cleaned with the next load, so you do not have to have tons of wipes available.
The cost is so small... and everything feels, smells, and looks so clean...  Give it a try!
Happily scrubbing..
Ma and Pa

Monday, November 26, 2012

Eye Opening Book!

Just stopping by to share with you something awesome.
Rarely do I get to read anymore... just too busy.  I love to read, but the book has to be a real page turner, and dear to my heart.
This book is.  It is a narrative book that you will not be able to put down.  It will also open your eyes to what truly has been happening to America. And it is based on fact!
Let me know what you think.. and enjoy your blessed Christmas season ahead!
Hugs, Ma and Pa

Sunday, November 18, 2012

New goals!

From Positive Inspirational Quotes :)
Greetings from beautiful Colorado!  Ma and Pa are still here, just very much on the go.

About the end of October we picked the last of our tomatoes... and we had a BIG Batch of green ones to care for.
Some of you may not know how that might be done... other than making a bunch of relish or "Chow-chow", which Jim and I really did not want to do. So, we wrapped them in newspaper... and stored them in boxes.
We are now checking them every few days and are canning them as they are ripe.  We put up 12 quarts today!
Our frugal goals seem to be rubbing off on our girls as well.  Julie and Micah took their pumpkins they had outside as decorations that were not carved and cooked them off, and now they have plenty of pumpkin pie material for the holidays.  Enough for 20 pies!  Wow!
And... what about the title?  New goals?  Well, Jim and I have decided to go house hunting.  We still have the ability to use Jim's VA loan, and checked into it and have been approved!!  So we are now looking.  The major "must have" is a 2 car attached garage that will not actually be used as a garage but our rock shop creation center.  We are preparing for retirement and need a much bigger area to work in.... and a bit bigger home would be great!  So, we will keep you all posted.... can't wait!
Looking to the future with a new perspective!
Hugs, Ma and Pa