Sunday, December 8, 2013

Unwinding.... enjoying the season.

Wow... looking back on the last few months I realize how "hunkered down" we have been!
It is not that we have had major problems... just allowed life to jostle us about, and not allowing ourselves to relax and let the Lord direct.  Such is the life of a fix-it person I suppose.  Well that is going to change.... NOW!
I am so enjoying being a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.  Love the girls I am associated with too.  Got a chance to go on the fall retreat in Breckenridge this fall and it was so much fun! Four of us got to go from our Unit.
Learned so much and had a ball.

There was 3 Mom and Daughter teams there too!
We also harvested our veggies and walnuts, and are looking forward to a new and better year.  Discovered a wonderful recipe this year.  Peach Jalapeno Jam.... to die for! Use the recipe for Peach Jam, but first prepare 3 moderate Jalapenos, seed them and chop fine in a blender. Put them in the measuring cup first, then add the required amount of prepared peaches for recipe.  We must have made 6 batches of this and gave away 4 LOL.  Everyone loves it.
Had a wonderful time with Marilyn and girls here for Thanksgiving.  She spent the week here and it was so good to be able to have time to visit.  Miss having them close by. Had some awesome games of Jenga too.

So now we are coming to the Christmas season.  We are headed to the annual Christmas Blessings Banquet tonight for our church, CrossPoint.   Where we honor the House of Promise ministry for young mothers.  Looking forward to it!
To help us all to not have to buy gifts for everyone in our growing family we have been drawing names now for a couple of  years.  Couples drawings and kids drawings.  It helps us all focus on the important part.  Worshiping our Lord and enjoying the family.  Grandma still does not know how to act not scurrying about... oh my.  But, I suppose I will get used to it!
We Pray this season is a blessing to you as it is us. If we remember to put God first, it all falls into place.
Love, Ma and Pa


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