Sunday, January 12, 2014

God is Able!

2014 A new year to enjoy!
We are thankful for a new year and a new beginning, how about you?
Just before Christmas we had a health scare with Jim in the hospital for awhile... but God is faithful, and Jim's healing is coming along.  We will trust Him for a full recovery soon!
In the meantime we are enjoying watching our Bronco's !!
Jim is wearing his old Lynch jersey... John Lynch, who was a Bronco, was just inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Jim wore his namesake jersey to church today!
And right now we are enjoying the game... go Bronco's !!
With a new year comes goals and dreams, and lots of prayers.  So what are your dreams.... what are you praying for this next year?
We have a few.
Peace and prosperity for our family.
Health and wellness to enjoy it.
Peace and revival for our precious country.
For people to return to the God of our fathers.
Joy and prosperity for our friends.
May there be a renewed pride in America, and renewed compassion to help one another.
Simple prayers... and all in God's hands.  For God loves his children and this country and I cannot wait to see what happens this year.  Is anything too big for God?
We have been in a "deep freeze" for about 6-8 weeks now, and we are looking forward to the 38 degrees right now which has been the warmest we have been for a long time. Now we are getting out our seed catalogs, and looking forward to a new growing season.  It is great to have something to look forward to!
Our grand valley is precious to us, and all the friends and family in it.  Things are starting to look up a bit for the valley, and we pray that will continue in 2014 until it is booming again.
Here is a recent beautiful picture of our valley. Yep, we think it is beautiful too.
Praying all is well with you in this new year!
Trusting Him,
Ma and Pa


  1. Fabulous photo - glad Jim is recovering! Sending hugs!


  2. Did you take the beautiful photo? If not do you know who did?

  3. This picture was shared on Facebook this fall all through the Grand Valley, the name on the picture posting it was Tammy Marie Gedstad, but I do not know if she was the picture taker for sure. Isn't it beautiful!