Sunday, August 11, 2013

All things new!

As you all know we love lapidary, and making beautiful jewelry. 
Jim now has a fantastic shop, and has been happily putting it in order. He also has been teaching classes at the Gem and Mineral club we belong to.  So, when he had his latest Intarsia class, I joined in as well, and soon found out what a great teacher he is!
Here is the class. We are learned a lot, and had so much fun.
Some of the beautiful pieces that our students made.
Jim and Jeanie in class.

My first Intarsia!
Jim has also been teaching lost wax casting, and some silver smithing in his shop as well.  He is happily doing what he loves!
This week we got to be part of a special mile stone for our daughter Julie.  She worked so hard and earned the greatest award for a Mary Kay Consultant.
A Mary Kay Car!
So proud of her!

Her family.

Proud Ma and Pa too.
We are so happy for her.  She also will have her debut as a Director on the 16th... another big milestone!
Being so proud of her, I have also joined her team, and am now an Independent Mary Kay Consultant! And intend to follow in her footsteps and be the best I can be.  Join me at my website at
and see what wonderful products Mary Kay has!
It would be my pleasure to serve you!
So, we are off on our new journey, our jewelry making, and to soon go "on the road" to shows, and also my Mary Kay business, which I am so happy to get started in.
Thanks for stopping by, will be posting soon!
Happy and busy in Colorado,
Ma and Pa



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