Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Circle of Life!

As we are finally getting things in order here at home, we are getting back to our old projects.
One of those being putting all our pictures in order.  Which is no easy task... I was very good about putting pictures in albums when we were first married, and when our first daughter was born.  However after that they all went into a shoebox, after shoebox, after shoebox.  Did I tell you we like to take pictures? Lol!
Back in the 90's when scrap booking was popular I started scrap booking recent pictures and got about 5 years worth of pictures done, however, the books quickly "fell apart" with all the weight of the extra paper... oh well.
They got taken apart and added to the pile.
Recently we were putting the year 1997 to "bed", and here are a couple of pictures that were in there.
This is our newborn Summer.
Here is Sherry and Shawna. Shawna is her step daughter.
Now somehow we do not think feel we have gotten older until we look back at our treasured pictures, and we realize that yes, we have, but we are also very blessed!
Here are those girls today.
This weekend they had a Happy 16th birthday party for Summer (60's theme of course... She loves the Beatles like her Mom), and here is Summer, Shawna (expecting twins soon) and honey Patrick. 
So here we are full circle, our "baby" daughter is about to be Grandma again!
Life is good here for Ma and Pa

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