Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Getting back in order.

We are Home!
So much to do when you move... especially when you fix up the old home to sell.
We got moved and spent the biggest part of March getting our little trailer home in order to sell and it is now on the market.
Pray with us that it sells quickly.  We painted the ceiling, washed the walls, did minor repair where needed, and Jim layed new tile in the kitchen, which turned out beautiful.
We are now unpacking after spending a special Easter with all our kids and grand kids.

Jim now has a 2 car garage that he is making into his jewelry shop, and it is taking shape.  He has needed this for so long and it is such a blessing!  We will soon be making jewelry and stockpiling so that we soon can move into our next phase of life... going to rock shows and fairs to supplement our income.  I am putting the house in order, and it is getting there as well.  Outside awaits, with even more pretty plants for us to enjoy.  We need to find room for our raised bed vegetable garden, as growing season is around the corner!
Stop by often to see our progress as we enjoy this special blessing the Lord has given us.
Praising the Lord daily,
Ma and Pa


  1. We are so blessed, and thankful that we were able to get moved into a bigger home!