Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back to "normal", whatever that is!

Wow, what a busy 2 months we have had... but we are now done.  Our little trailer sold, closing was this week. God chose a middle age lady that needed an economic place to live!  Praise God for His step by step leading!
So we are getting back to normal again.
Dad's shop is almost up and running...
I have pictures to put on the wall and that is all.
Outside has gotten a little attention as well, but needs alot more.  However we are excited to see all the flowers coming along.
Pansy Party!

Lilacs are so yummy! Love them!

Our sister cities on the East slope of Colorado got snow again... we got rain last night.
All needed moisture, but poor East slope has had a bunch of snow this year.

We hope this finds you all enjoying your spring!

We are settling in and happy,
Hugs, Ma and Pa



  1. We'll take that snow here in Guffey to help with the drought!! GLad to see your update here!

  2. Good to hear from you :) have a wonderful time ahead.

  3. Connie this is from my publisher:

    Morning Whispers from the Heart of God
    Attention Connie Nixon Lynch - remember to claim your prize!

    Email Teresa at so we can send the two copies of Morning Whispers from the Heart of God ~ :-)



  4. Marijo, I finally got to my email and saw your note and emailed her. How awesome, can't wait to have them for devotions!

    Ruby, hopefully I will check in more often!