Saturday, April 14, 2012

On the run and having fun!

Whew... we have been busy the last few days, always on the go it seems.

We had a great Easter with our families that live here in town.  Our grand kids are getting so big, but they still love Easter, and all it holds.

Our "big" grand kids Colton and Summer

Our smallest... (so far) J.J (Jerrad James)
Logan, Colton, Trystan, Neighbor and Cesar in tree. 

Like you, although we live in the same town, we do not get together as often as we want.  So the cousins so enjoy getting time together when they can.  Not to mention their folks and Ma and Pa.

Speaking of grand kids..... our oldest grand kid Mike and wife Tonya are having our 1st great-grand this summer and I finally woke up to the fact I had best get my tail in gear in making some grannie goodies for our little great grand son Malakhi.  So....
Got some yarn and am starting with an afghan... will post when it is done.  It is going fast, thankfully.  I also have a co-worker expecting a girl this summer, so will get busy with booties etc. for her too.

We have been working in our yard when we can, you never know with Colorado weather.  Our saying is...
If you don't like the weather here, wait a day, it will change. LOL. We pick the good days and get busy in the yard, there is a lot to do, but we are getting it done, and it is looking much better.

As for work, we are down 2 people, and I will be working 48 hours for the next few weeks until they get more hired and trained.... always busy!  Soooo looking forward to retirement :).
Our to-do list is always growing, and will get done one thing at a time.  In the mean time we are enjoying our days together.
We will stop by and post when we can! 
Thanks for stopping by!
Hugs, Ma and Pa


  1. Wonderful and busy, thanks for stopping by, Loved you latest post!