Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Update on Wildfires 7/3/12

Thank you Firefighters for your very, very, hard work, it is paying off for Colorado!
On facebook today... so fitting!

These men gave their all to save our precious state, and just saying Thank You, does not seem enough.

Here is today's totals for the fires that remain to date here.

Waldo Canyon Fire(Colorado Springs) is 70 % contained. *
High Park ( Fort Collins) is 100 % PTL.
Pine Ridge (our fire near Debeque) 90%.
Little Sand (near Pagosa Springs) 40%.
Weber ( near Mancos) 85 %. *
Treasure (Leadville) 100% PTL.
Lightner (Durango) 80%. *
Flagstaff ( SW of Boulder) 90 %.
Springer (Lake George) 100% PTL. *
Sunrise Mine (Paradox) 100%. *

* = Human caused.

The biggest praise for our family is my sister and family are back in their home in Mountain Shadows subdivision in Colorado Springs!  Thank you Lord and Firefighters!

We continue to pray for complete containment. Also for our sister states that are all fighting fires of their own. So many of them, and they all have losses that we need to pray for.

Again, thanks you so much for your service firefights, bless you! Thank you blog friends for your prayers. You indeed are a God-send blessing.

Very thankful for you!

Ma and Pa

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  1. The containment news is so good. Especially after having heard and seen nature's fury. Equally heartening is the news that your family is safe and so are many other families. God bless the firefighters and God bless us all.