Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keeping busy in Colorado

We are in the middle of our busy time here.  The garden is coming on....and it is HOT outside, so must water alot.. and we have lots of birthdays in the summer. 

We got together for the July birthdays this last week. Marilyn and Michael and girls were here from Northglenn too, AND we had Mike and Tanya and baby Malakhi with us too.  Passed off the camera to Summer my amateur
photographer, she loves taking pictures.

Almost as much as she loves being an aunt!

Mike and Tanya are such a good Mom and Dad!

Lots of playing...

and eating.....

and snuggling!

This week it is back to busy work on my days off... so much needs done, and it keeps us on the go.

Had our first picking of green beans this year.  Gave away about 5 pounds, and have another 5  here to can.  We have begun to pick tomatoes and cucumbers and our eggplant is almost ready to pick.  We are eagerly watching our watermelon, we have 2 plants, and one is really putting on a show... and has several watermelons growing.

Our other show off is our hibiscus... these blossoms are 8 inches across!  They last for one day and die back, so you can see this bush is very busy!

We are busy and blessed here.... hope you are too!

Hugs, Ma and Pa

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  1. It is good to be having the best of life. I love the picture that you have added to the title of the blog page too :) Lovely life.