Friday, June 22, 2012

High Top Baby Converse Booties!

After alot to trial and error, I got these High Top Converse Booties done.  I found the pattern on Pinterest, and the link is here.  The creator has it written in Brazelian Portuguese, but, never fear you can scroll down to the bottom and there is directions in english.  Please just make these for your personal use and not for sale, and be sure and give Josi credit when you share with someone, they took alot of work to create!

I wanted to do it in yarn and purchased several kinds of yarn, and was not happy until I found Bernet Baby yarn.

After making them, I am thinking I will try my next pair with doiley crochet thread,(which I believe the pattern was calling for) as this pair will fit Malakhi when he is about 5-6 months old.  But they are still cute.

For the black I used regular 4 ply yarn and divided in into 2 ply, and it worked fine.  I just did a chain stitch for the laces, and did not double back as the pattern called for. That made them "curley" like the kids like.

Having lots of fun with making things for our 1st great grand son Malakhi.  Next is some felt booties...

Ma and Pa

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  1. Thanks for sharing this cute pattern. Looking forward to the felt booties too. Did not know you have a Pinterest account too. My pinterest username is rubymanchanda.