Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday 6/28, Fire update for Colorado

It's official the Waldo Canyon Fire is now the largest damage in the state with 346 homes gone so far.

Mountain Shadows subdivision picture on Facebook

This is my sister's subdivision... but praise God as of right now her house still stands.  Please pray for all these families that have lost their homes.  Monunment Co. has now been put on pre-evacuation notice.
KKCO 11 news picture

On our home front, the Pine Ridge Fire is threatening to jump I-70 and if it does, it is a straight shot to Grand Mesa, a flat top mountain that has 1,000 lakes, a ski resort called Powder Horn, and is the source of our water supply. On the south side of the interstate there is over 50 well heads in its path.  Debeque is now starting to get evacuated.  I-70 is being shut down, traffic is re-routed to Grand Mesa Highway 65.  This fire went from 1,500 to 10,000 acres today.

We still see wonderful stories of love and sharing from all Colorado people.  I am so proud of this state! We may be going through a huge trial....but we still love and stay strong.

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Bless you Firefighters!  Many are going from one fire to the next.  They have to be bone tired.  Lord Bless them and give them strength as they fight for our precious state.

Thanks again folks for your prayers.  We love you all!

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  1. God be with you all.
    It is really saddening to hear the news of fire. I do hope that fire comes under control as soon as possible.