Sunday, June 24, 2012

Update on Fires.

Things have not gotten a whole lot better we have added more fires!

The Springer fire where my friend is at is pretty much contained, Thank you Jesus!
However, My sister Tammy and family have been evacuated because of the Waldo Canyon Fire, and we have not heard from her since her orginal post.  The town of Manitou Springs was evacuated as well.  They are in more danger than Colorado Springs at this point.
Colorado Springs

There is a fire in South West Colorado Called the Webber fire that is now over 7,000 acres between Durango and Mancos, Colorado, not far from Cortez where Jim and I graduated from High School.
From the Denver Post web site.

This map shows where the 8 fires are now.  Please pray over each one, that they all can be contained.  The High Park fire in Fort Collins is still only 45 % contained, and going strong.

Appreciate your prayers over our precious state!

Hugs, Ma and Pa


  1. May God keep you all safe and sound. Thoughts with you and yours.

  2. Over 6000 evacuated the Waldo Canyon fire... and a NEW one began in Lake George (they put out the one in Trout Creek out 67 out of Woodland Park) Lord, Jesus, please help us to catch this arsonist!!!

    Thanks for posting and keeping this in focus we definitely need prayers - we went to Canon City to get a few things today (down the back of the mountain over 4000 feet - they have smoke too but nothing like up here and Divide and WP....

    1. Tammy posted on FB last night, they are still evacuated. Their subdivision is Mountain Shadows right up against the Mountains.

      Oh No not another arsonist! Lord Please catch this man/woman soon!

  3. Just a quick note to let you know, my friends and I from the Philippines are praying for the people and areas endangered by these fires. We're praying for a compassionate and supernatural act of God to stop the fires.


  4. Lidia thank you for your visit to our blog and your prayers are most appreciated. My Sister and family are safe and staying with friends, they may not get back to their home for a week or so. Lots of wind today, but God is in the midst of it all. And He is supporting everyone, the firefighters and families. Hugs to you!