Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year- New Daytimer

I am a constant list maker.... 
Grocery list.
To Do List.
Short Term Goals.
Deep Cleaning List.
Remodeling Plans.

It could go on and on.

I often joke, my day timer is my brain.

Do I spend alot of money on it each year?

Heaven's NO!

This years model is a Wal Mart Special.

Years ago when the girls were all tiny, I followed the 15 minute organizer to the T, and it kept me organized and going.  This plan had you writing each task you do on an index card, dividing those tasks to daily, weekly and monthly etc.  Putting the daily in front, and then moving them to the back when you do the task.  

Then when I went to the work force again I started making my lists. Lots of them! But, I found I was very upset when I did not finish everything on my list each day. Also I was always making new lists.

Until I devised a very simple plan.  I used a spread sheet like this.

Here is my weekly list.  I check them as I work in each area. Also I add things that are needed for the week at hand. Since I work and my time is limited, I may not have more than a half hour to task.  But most do not need that amount of time to complete it.  I then can make a quick scan of the week and see what needs to be done.  At the end of the week, I can feel good about what has been accomplished.

Then comes other things to plan.

These are the short term goals I am currently working on.  I do not accomplish or finish them in a week, but spend some time on each item during the week.

Going further I have Deep cleaning planned.

I work on 2 rooms at a time, and again, work on each item as I can.  It may take me a month to accomplish these rooms, but some gets done each week.

After that it is dreaming time.

We are in hopes to do some remodeling this year.  We will do one room at a time.

All these little lists fit in that small day timer via a paper clip.  I carry it with me all the time, and am always planning.

What is your system of keeping organized?  I always love to see how people are doing it!

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