Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rock lamp, from Jim's workbench.

I think it is high time I highlight my creative husband...
He has done so many creative things and makes beautiful jewelry, and gifts for friends and loved ones.

Here is something he won Craftsman of the Month with Rock and Gem Magazine in July of 2010.

Isn't it beautiful?  He took rocks that we found in Colorado, a used lampshade, and a beautiful wood lamp bottom that my uncle previously had made for my grandmother (wood found in CO) and marble base and made a lamp that is all from Colorado material.  This lamp sits proudly in our living room today.

We are lapidary nuts, otherwise known as rockhounds and our girls were pebble pups growing up.  Jim has and continues to make beautiful intarsia jewelry.  He teaches a class at our rock club as well, and was last years president of the club.  I only wish I did not have a little thing called work to get in my way, as I want him to show me the "tricks of the trade", and we can both create together.  I already know some things like wire wrapping and filigree, but want to learn the silver smithing and cab making and casting. Our dream has always been to go around to fairs when we retire.... maybe some day.

Until then, I will enjoy all the goodies he makes.  I will be sure and share more of his creations soon, so you can see them as well. 

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