Saturday, January 14, 2012

Small stuff.

When our daughter and husband and little girls came to visit during Thanksgiving we went shopping and saw some cute crochet handbands with flowers here and there.  I knew that they would be cute on our little girls, and so easy to make, so while Mom and Dad went out to have dinner with friends, I made a couple of headbands with yarn I had around.  Each girl picked what they wanted for the center of the flower and they loved them.

They were darling on.

For Christmas I also added one of these flowers to our 14 year old grand daughters hat.  She loves black and red together.

I was not thinking in tutorial mode however... so do not have "how-to" pics, but here is the pattern I designed for you to try.


Chain 7, dc in 2nd chain from hook, and in each ch across.  6 dc.  Chain 3, dc in next chain and each dc across. 
Continue this pattern until it is the length you need for the person wearing it.  For our little gals it was 24 rows of this pattern.
When you reach the correct length put 2 ends together and sc through both ends to join times 6, fasten off.

Small Flower

Ch 5 and join together at first chain with a slip stitch to form a loop.  Chain 6, sc in original loop, chain 6 again and sc in loop again, and continue until you have 5 ch 6 loops around.  6 dc in the 1st chain 6 loop, sc in 1st sc space, 6 dc in next chain 6 loop, and sc in next sc space around ending in last sc space and fasten off.

Large Flower

Chain5. Join together at 1st chain with slip stitch to form a loop.  Chain 9, sc in loop, chain 9 and sc in loop again until you have 5 ch 9 loops around.  9 dc in the first chain 9 loop, sc in 1st sc space, 9 dc in next chain 9 loop and sc in next sc space around ending in last sc space and fasten off.

Put small flower on top of larger flower, add a button in the center loop and fasten to head band.

Or you can fasten to a hat or bag or jacket.... be creative! 

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