Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Help for the forgetful.

I have so many "helpful hints" that help me that I would like to share, and I was thinking they are not at all big enough to make a complete post...
But I changed my mind... woman's perogitive....
We will make a small post on Tuesdays and call it Tips Tuesday!

Todays tip is simple.  If you like me have had a very bad surprise of  being overdrawn on your checkbook, this might help.  I would check and see, and sure enough I usually forgot an automatic withdrawl.... more than once this happened.  Until I took a small square sticky note and posted it in my register on the page I was working on and it had the dates of each withdrawl on it.  Yes, it is in my way of my record keeping, but that is the point.  I have never forgotten a withdrawl date again!

That's Tips Tuesday for today, have a blessed day!

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