Friday, May 18, 2012

When I Come Home to Heaven.

When I come home to Heaven
How joyful it will be!
For on that day at last
My risen Lord I'll see.
No greater happiness than
to see Him face to face,
To see the love in His eyes
And feel His warm embrace.
Then why should earthly cares
Weigh down upon me so?
They'll be a distant memory
When home at last I go.

Beth Stuckwisch Dicksons

Esther Anna Lynch Chambers went home today!
Praise God, she so wanted to be Home.
We will never forget her, but we will see her SOON! 

Celebrating a beautiful life.
Esther (Esty) Chambers

Smiling as we think of the joy in heaven today,

Ma and Pa

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear of your friends passing away. may we all get strength to celebrate our lives.
    I like the lines you chose today. Hugs.