Sunday, May 20, 2012

In our garden again.

Thought I would share some of our garden today.
We have been busy, and God has been busy making it pretty.

Our Clematis was beautiful this year, I did not get out there to get a picture of it in it's glory.  But, here is a taste.

The Columbine is one of my favorites, it is Colorado's state flower.

This is Mama Marilyn's rose, I dug this bush up shortly after she passed away in 2004.  It is really putting on a show now!..


Here is some of our Snapdragons.  The Honeysuckle is blooming in the background as well.  We have another day or two of whacking away at the dead growth, and we will be done, but look how it is growing!

And here is today's project.  1/3 of the garden!  We have a watermelon, 3 big tomato plants, and 6 small, and 3 green peppers. We also planted a cucumber at the other end of the garden (not shown).  We hope to get the rest planted in the next few days.  The rest are seeds.  Green beans, Christmas Lima's, Beets, Radishes, and we will see what else we have room for.  We are leaving plenty of room this year between rows to use our little Mantis to till between them so Ma does not have to hand weed so much.  We also planted our 2 big pots outside, with another Lily in one (there are more lilies in there as well), and the one in the center of the yard has Petunias and Slavia.  Also have a hanging pot of 2 Fuchsias planted today.

We love summer, and the beauty God gives us each day.  Although we are moving abit slower, we still love to be in the garden and enjoy it.

Also had a surprise inside!

We have had a Hoya for several years and it has not bloomed. But it has 2 blooming right now!  We are so excited.  We have a special story about this Hoya.  Jim's father had a HUGE one in the 1970's, and when the folks went into a nursing home this plant was given to a green house in Montrose.  They took many starts off of that plant and sold them.  Our dear neighbor Ralph ended up with one of those plants, and this is a start off of it.
It is like the Hoya has come full circle, back home.  Even one of our girls have starts off of Ralph's plant as well.

Since it is way too hot outside to work now, we put our hoes to rest for another day, and are resting as well, and enjoying the cool inside. We hope you all are having a blessed Sunday!

Enjoying God's Handy work,

Ma and Pa


  1. Such pretty flowers - they all look beautiful. It is difficult to decide which one to chose as the best out of them. Warmest regards.

  2. Ruby,
    Thanks so much! We love them too. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh my goodness, what beautiful bloomer ya have there!!! They are shinnin' bright through you most beautiful pictures.

    God bless ya'll and have a fantastic day!!! :o)

    1. Almost as good as yours Nezzy, Hugs!

  4. Beautiful garden - glad to find your blog and that you joined mine - from a fellow Boomer! (1946 for me) Blessings love the music too.

  5. I was so excited to see you on Blog train... Have been trying to find fellow bloomer christians! Bless you for stopping by!