Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No matter how small....

Just had to share how God answers prayers.  No matter how small.

You will remember my post Farewell dear friend.  Jim lost a dear friend, and since he has really missed him dearly.

His good friend D.J., the other friend of the "three musketeers" that was always together, has been on our e-mail list, but the phone number we had for him no longer worked.

I asked the Lord to somehow get Jim and D.J. back together.
And, D.J. called Jim today!  Praise the Lord! He has not spoken with D.J. for 41 years!

God answers prayers, no matter how small.  Pa Jim is praising the Lord right now, and is so happy!

Praising God,

Ma and Pa


  1. Such a sweet post and such inspiring words. Lord definitely answers prayers. Belated Happy Mother's day.

  2. Ruby,
    Thank you, Yes, the Lord Always answers prayers! Thanks also the Mother's Day wish! How sweet. You take care and thanks for stopping by!