Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Save and Savor, don't push aside and replace!

Perhaps it because of my age, or perhaps because I treasure remembering the past (ie. genealogy, history). Or it could be I treasure my family and friends.  But, lately we have been spending some time with our older friends and family.

What we are finding is the 80-90 year old people in today's world that are still living at home are just needing some TLC from anyone.  Family, if nearby, are usually busy in their world, and do not always have time to spend with their family member.

All they want, is friendship, a helping hand here and there, and a listening ear.

As Jim and I look around we also see how our world shapes the younger generation.  People are rushing about, buying newer, better things, and they are getting rid of the old.
Why fix up this old home, or car, or be content with something older that works, when we can buy new.

Now, please don't think I am being critical.  I am just saying what we see.

Today, we took a trip, to see our dear Aunt Esty.  She lives with her son Terry close to Ouray, and it was so good to get out of town, and see them.

We went through the towns of Delta and Montrose, both towns we have lived in.  It occurred to us that these towns, are still the same, as we go down the streets, we see most of the stores still open, there are a few that are empty, but for the most part they are busy and thriving.  We love seeing the older homes, cared for and manicured with love.  There are many mobile homes out in the country, also cared for with love.  People that are in the "country towns" tend to take pride in what they have, and treasure the past.  Older buildings are treasured, older cars are in car shows, and grandma and grandpas are honored.

As we got closer to Ouray our breath is taken away by the view.

That is where we were heading to those beautiful San Juan's.  Look at the snow still on them. 

A little further we seen another beautiful sight.

Still part of the San Juan's, this is the back side view of the Cimarron area.  This view also shows you where the movie True Grit was filmed.  Isn't it beautiful?
This area is where the middle fork of the Cimarron is.  Our most treasured camping site.  Jim describes it as the place God sat down on the 7th day and rested after creating our world, because it was beautiful. We have asked our children to scatter our ashes there when God takes us home.

On to Terry and Aunt Esty.  We wanted to go today as Esty has very few days left.  She is 93 years old!  She had another stroke last Friday, and is very weak.  But she knew us, and was so glad to see us.  She told us she loved us... and she said just wanted to go home.  She is the baby of the Lynch's, the only one left of Jim's Aunts on that side and has lived such a good, and inspiring life.  We were blessed to visit with her and Terry. 

Terry is a bachelor, and finds it an honor to care for his mom.  He is so caring, proud, and gentle with her.  Both he and his sister Joann have cared for her since Uncle Don passed on 11 years ago.  We visited with Terry, as Esty slept, and he was happy just to have us there. 

We came home with joy as we were able to visit once again with our loved ones.  Terry sent us home with some pictures of Jim's family.  Pictures that Aunt Esty had put in an album through the years, and some precious pictures of Jim's grandparents that Terry wanted us to have.

So we our hearts were encouraged today by our trip.
We pray that this generation does not loose the lesson of treasuring older things or people.  They all need to be treasured and cared for, to be given love and TLC, because they all have so much to teach us, if we will just look, listen and care.

Blessed today,
Ma and Pa

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