Monday, May 28, 2012

Praising God for their service.

From I Love Jesus on Facebook today.

Memorial Day is always a special time!

Time for hamburgers and hot dogs and get togethers...
Watching a baseball game and sharing a day with those you love.

Memorial Day is saying "Thank You for your service", to the warriors still with us, and remembering those gone home to heaven.
Who are you honoring today?
Today we remembered Ma's Dad, Lewie W. Nixon.

Daddy was in WWII, and never spoke of the battles he was in.  I only got a clue when we buried him at Ft. Logan National Cemetery, and a gentleman there commented that his division was in alot of big battles in WWII.  So far I believe one was the Battle of the Bulge. I am still researching more about company A, 15th armored infantry battalion, and the 5th armored division.   He was such a gentle soul, and I cannot imagine what he saw. He had a bronze star medal.

Today, our daughter and son-in-law and our grand daughters went to honor him and my mama Marilyn at Ft. Logan. That was a precious gift to this Grandma and Grandpa to see that.

Our daughter pictured here, Marilyn, was named for this Grandma she is visiting.

Great grandma and grandpa enjoyed the visit I know!

Then Pa Jim was on the commissioning crew of the USS John F. Kennedy!  They made several trips to the Mediterranean.  They monitored the first Libyan crisis in the late 60's and early 70's, and stayed there to "keep the peace".  Not much has changed in 40 years has it?  It is still the #1 hot spot.

The purple shirt means Av-fuels, they fueled the jets on the flight deck! We are so proud of his service!

Then the next generation, our nephew Doug served in Dessert Storm. We love you Doug... you were not drafted, but chose to serve.

It was after I started doing genealogy that we realized that many of our family members served.  Going back to Knights of old in England and Ireland.   It is amazing!

In our country though...

 We have Daniel Thomas Wood who served in the Civil War.(North)
George Nixon and Aaron Lynch and more were in the Revolutionary war.

And we are related to Thomas Lynch (Declaration of Independence signer)
And George Washington.

From the beginning of our nation on.... many family members, put their life on the line for what they believed in.
God and Country.

So, as we celebrate today, we say thank you dear love ones.
 All of you, for your service,
 What a special gift of love and sacrifice you gave us!

Waving our flag, and giving thanks.
Ma and Pa


  1. Remembering all those who make it possible for us to breathe this air free of fear, hatred and such things.

  2. Thanks Ruby, so many people that gave, they all deserve our love and thanks.