Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update on Homemade Shout.

Sometime ago I shared a post by Jillee with One Good Thing.  She had a home made receipe for homemade Shout.  I really like it and feel that it is a good product!
However the mix of the products, does not stay mixed, the baking soda always floated to the bottom, and when you use a spray bottle, even when you mix it up before you use it, the spay bottle fails soon.

So, I deceided to use something else. 

This is a bottle from a flavored Gatorade water, that I repurposed to use for my home made shout.
You can still see it seperated, but just shake it up well.  Pop the top, and spread on your stain and you are ready to go!  So, do not give up on a great idea that works, find a new way! 

Hugs, Ma

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