Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Love Genie!

For a long time now I have been asking Jim to teach me the ins and outs of jewelry making.  Now I have learned a few things, wire wrapping, and filigree... but there was so much more.

However there was a small problem.  Our little shop, is so full, and cold... it is not conducive to working in right now. 

Not to be deterred... we moved the Genie inside in the spare bedroom!

Ok, so it won't win me a place in House Beautiful right?  But until we can do something different, we have a jeweler bench and some equipment in there, and we are enjoying ourselves making things.  I guess we are officially Redneck... live in a trailer and have equipment in the spare bedroom... lol.. :)

Seriously, Jim coached me in making my first cabochon the other night and it was a blast!  He is an excellent teacher, I can see why his students for Intarsia come back class after class, some on their 4th class now.

Here is my first rock cabochon:

I love it... and want to make more! 
Eventually we will close in the front porch and put some of the equipment there perhaps,  but for now we are toasty warm and having fun this winter in Colorado!
You never know what we will be up to next... so stay tuned!
Hugs, Ma and Pa


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  2. This one is so neatly done. And yes the winters this season have been coming back and back again.

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