Monday, March 5, 2012

Through new eyes.

Today I started a new challenge for myself.  I am finding that I am quick to judge circumstances and people, and I do not want to be that way.

I look around and am disheartened to see what has become of our little suburb of Clifton, that is near Grand Junction. We recently have had a murder within a couple miles of us.  Near us is an area that is known for drugs, and there is gang activity.  It is easy to become cynical in all this.

So, today I have asked and will continue to ask the Lord to allow me to see people and circumstances through His eyes. Rather than turn away, see what God has to show me about His people.  He loves us all, and wants us to reach out to everyone.  For them to see Him in an act of kindness.

So, today I ask that you join us.  Ask God what He wants you to see.  Do we see neglect and uncaring of someones property, or someone that could use some help?  Do we see a person that is hard, and unkempt, or do we see someone that needs my smile, and someone to listen and not judge?

If you give of yourself in a small way, and go out of your way to care about the person behind those sad eyes, you will see a lost soul that needs the Lord.  Be the Fathers ambassador, His hands and feet in this hard world, and perhaps we will see this world in a new light. 

Granted, there is much to do, but God is patient, and He will direct your steps to just the person that needs you most!

With eyes and hearts open,
Ma and Pa

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  1. You have given an insight into what we all have been taught but we choose to ignore. Will try to see that I can carry your message forward in whatever little way I can.