Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Butternut Squash

Sorry for the delay in posting the last two weeks.  We have been busy!  Our daughter Marilyn and grand daughters Becky and Lizzy came for a visit, and Ma and Pa were so happy to have them around for a few days.  We treasure our times together.

After they left, we decided to make a new recipe.  We love Butternut Squash, and have seen where the "cup" of the squash were stuffed with yummy things. 

Another of our favorite things is mushrooms.  So we found some stuffed Portabella Mushrooms, they were stuffed with sweet italian sausage, and pepper and spinach.  We halved the squash, and cleaned it out.  Then we sliced a small trough in the longer area.  Sliced butter and put in the cup and trough, put the stuffed mushroom upside down in the cup and baked in the over at 350 for 75 to 90 minutes, depending upon the size of the squash.  Put something below the longer area of the squash so that each squash would be level.  We used a wooden clothes pin. This keeps butter in the squash.

Yummy.... so good and we will do this one more often!

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  1. Sounds fun ... visiting family is always something to look forward too.