Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Such a beautiful spring day.

Yesterday the wind was really blowing, even blew over a semi on the interstate.  And today... is just beautiful!  Not a breeze let alone alot of wind. 

Since I had today off I got busy cleaning and then had to go out and work in the sunshine.... there is something about working in the dirt with your hands, getting up the old growth, and leaves and find new growth starting up. 

So I worked in the Spring garden today.  Where most of our Spring flowers are.  Here is what I found.
Our Daffodils are putting on a show.

The Tulips and Peonie bushes are coming along.  The Butterfly bush needs to be trimmed back quite a bit so it can be full and pretty.   But I will get to that soon.

Then we found another pretty bunch.
Our Grape Hyacinth tucked under the Butterfly bush, it smells so yummy!

Jim and I have been watching another wonderful Spring event.  The Decorah Eagles.  The first egg hatched today, after "pipping" yesterday. Pipping is the first little hole that the chick makes.  It is so special watching Mom and Dad and the special care of the eggs and now this little one.  Fish is already in the nest ready to feed the little one.  You can watch the fun as the other eggs hatch, and the feeding of the little ones at http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles.
Also, you can keep up with the news at the blog. http://raptorresource.blogspot.com/. Which is on my blog list.  You can also find links to other nests of various birds on the blog and the Decorah list.  Some of these have hatched, some are just laying right now.  It is amazing to watch, and the Raptor Resource Project is an awesome bunch of people to provide this for us.

Hoping you are all enjoying your Spring day! Stop by when you can, until then... you'll find us busy in our yard and home and enjoying the warmth!

Hugs, Ma and Pa

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