Monday, March 31, 2014

Career Conference 2014

Had a wonderful fast weekend in Denver with my Mary Kay Sisters @ Career Conference.  So inspired to hear the National Sales Directors and Top Independent Sales Directors of the State. 
Some of our unit.
Also was so proud of Julie as she has gone on track for being in the Queens court of Sales for the National convention in July.  She and sister directors Anny and Monique got to walk across stage for that.
Anny, Julie and Monique on stage.
Coming back with renewed determination to be all I can be in my Mary Kay.  So rewarding to see people celebrated for their accomplishment, and watching everyone sharing and encouraging each other on. There was over 1,700 people there and not one grump in the bunch. :)
Back to my J.O.B tomorrow, but praising God for my weekend.  Our new theme this year is I <3 my Mary Kay ( I love my Mary Kay).... very true for this lady.
One side note... being an older "interesting" age, I thought I was a rarity.... but no, not the case. Oh so inspired by ladies even older than I.
Love My Mary Kay!
Ma and Pa too...


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