Thursday, May 29, 2014

Back "at it" !

It is amazing to me how quickly time is flying by.  I always have "good intentions" on blogging, but, sadly have not done so!
We as usual have been on the go.... the yard and garden are coming in shape.  Have the garden in, green beans are up, 8 tomatoes, 6 peppers in, garlic and onions growing and 2 cucumbers are set to climb a new type of trellis. 
I have had to work long hours as we are very short on help at work.  And Jim has been busy in the rock shop making beautiful cabs and jewelry... hopefully I can get some wire wrapping going soon too.
Mary Kay Business is coming along, and am anxious to do more.  We (our unit) just opened a new studio training center, which will be a big asset for all of us!  So excited to see what the future holds there.
Next post I will post some pictures of all of the above and get back at it in the blog world!
Praying all is well with you!
Ma and Pa

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