Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Roundup!

From Facebook today.
As we are getting closer and closer to our election, I thought I would share this from Facebook today.  No matter what candidate you are for, If we follow this scripture, we are on the right path! 
We are so very busy right now.  We are short of people at work so I am working overtime. Also Pa and I are trying to get our garden all finished up. We actually are running out of canning jars and will need to get more...and next chore is trying to find room in our tiny trailer for all the finished can goods... Lol.  We praise God for his bounty and are so thankful.
Fall also brings something very near and dear to this Ma and Pa's heart.  Band shows and competition!  When our girls were in high school we were in the stand yelling and screaming for our girls during their shows. We were band parents, chaperoning the band on trips and so on... great memories!


Now comes the next generation.  Colton our grandson is with Fruita High School band, and plays trumpet just like his mom!
We went to the Valley Band show this last week to watch all 4 high schools of the valley preform just before the big competition.  They all did really well. We know they will do well and hopefully one or two will go to state.
  We joined Colton's mom and dad and brothers and were screaming for his band... brought back memories too!
Hope your fall continues to be blessed!
Ma and Pa



  1. Such genuine treasures of life.
    Happy Fall, and happy living.

  2. I love the prayer flag! It is a very good reminder!