Sunday, September 23, 2012

Keep your eyes on Israel.

We have been watching small news articles and prophecies... here and there talking about the goings on in Israel and the Gulf right now.  Although you will not see much of this on the evening news.

Reminds me of 40 years ago when Jim's carrier the USS John F. Kennedy rushed across the ocean in a few hours because of the first Libyan crisis.  Many of our young men are headed there now!
Prophecy News Watch had this on the 18th. Many warships in the Strait of Hormuz, on maneuvers.
My dear friend Marijo with My Incredible Lord, reports 2 different sources are reporting major activity in Israel right now,  like never before.
Also Kim Clement, had a prophecy recently that is very eye opening regarding Israel.  He and his ministry team are heading back there in October to minister to the faithful.

Bottom line, it is time to be praying for Israel, and America and our allies.  Please be aware and watching.  God will be there protecting Israel, and I pray that America will be too.
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Please join us in prayer!
Ma and Pa

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  1. Not to mention that there are now 30 nations doing "exercises" in the Persian Gulf.... PRAY for the peace of Jerusalem and for many, many to come to know our Lord Jesus as their Lord and Savior.