Wednesday, September 19, 2012

God is painting Colorado beautiful again.

On the road again enjoying our pretty state...we left home in the afternoon, headed to see family up in the mountains.  Coming up over Cochetopa Pass in a rain storm, and 
 we turn around and look to see how God lit up the sky...real close to a favorite camping place of ours.  We stopped the car and just sat in awe~

Running further into Monte Vista for a good nights sleep.  
Next day we find God had been busy painting everything beautiful for us to enjoy.
We went to the Lynch family reunion at Wagon Wheel Gap area between Southfork and Creede Colorado.  Our dear niece Katie and husband Leland have been working on a beautiful home there now for 20 years.  They finished it this summer and could think of no better way of celebrating than with family.  Isn't it beautiful?
We all enjoyed getting together again.  It was decided after Jim and siblings lost their 2nd sister and father, that they would make every effort of getting together yearly as long as they could.
The Lynch kids.
All the guys, in-laws and out-laws.

And the gals.
Besides getting together we went and saw the sights.

Big horn sheep... this in only a small part of the herd!  We have never seen this many in one place before.

 South creek falls....
and North creek falls.

And on the way home.....

Another beautiful treat... Thank you Lord!
Enjoying God's beauty. Hope you are too!
Ma and Pa


  1. These pictures are so awesome. God has definitely bestowed your place and your heart with beauty.

  2. Oh, do I resonate with this - I just posted a piece about why I love living where we live (Colorado - just a different part than you!!) We are truly blessed, aren't we? Sending you guys e-hugs, Marijo