Monday, October 22, 2012

New homemade Laundry cleaning line up.

We have been on the run again.  But am stopping finally to share some thoughts as we go into a new season.
I have 4 days off in a row so we are taking advantage of it and catching up on things we needed to be doing.
First on the schedule is "mucking" out the house that has been neglected because we have been busy. 
As you know I am a fan of natural home made cleaners, when they work and they are not a big hassle to make up to use.  I have posted some of the ones I have used for you to see.  But I have since made some modifications, so I thought I would catch you up on the changes.  I am very happy with them.

Having used and made a recipe for "Homemade Shout", I was somewhat happy with it but found that it discolored Pa Jim's T-shirts and some of my dress pants, so I went back to my all time stand by:

Yes, that is Simple green.  One bottle of this can make 5 gallons of cleaner if you dilute it.  However, I do not dilute it.  I use it full strength on our stains.  I have found it good on everything, grease stains, chocolate, blood, anything.  If you have a particular bad stain, spray it, and scrub it with a stiff brush, and lay it aside till you wash next.  I used this when Jim was a  handyman and came home with filthy clothes.  It got it all clean, never discoloring the clothes, and I could count on it being done the first time!
Next on the laundry line up is my new recipe for clothes soap.
I have tried the recipes for dry clothes soap and liquid clothes soap using the grated Fels Napa. 
I prefer the dry method, as it is less of a mess to make. However, no matter how fine I grated the Fels Napa, I found out that you could not put the soap in before the clothes, but had to wait until the washer was full with clothes and water and then put it in, because the Fels Napa took awhile to dissolve, and it too also did stain and discolor my light clothes with little orange dots.  So, here is Ma's recipe:
2 C Borax
2 C Washing Soda
2 C Oxi Clean
Mix these 3 ingredients in a container and use 2 Tablespoons per load, to that load add 1 Tablespoon of Dawn.  Here is where you could use the scented Dawn for a fresh scent to your wash if you choose. I just use good ole Dawn in the blue bottle as I use that Dawn for alot of other recipes.  My clothes come out clean and soft, with really no need of fabric softener. 
Monday is Laundry day at our house... hope these new recipes are a help to you as well!
Ma and Pa

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