Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coupon special !

Whoever said when you get older you would have more time to get things done... hasn't been living my life.... geeesssh!

Here is the tip I wanted to share with you yesterday but did not get to it.

Now I am not a coupon Queen... but I do save coupons, and use them.  I just do not like the big bulky coupon organizers, weather the little binders or big 3 ring one as I do not have that many, and it is frustrating to me.  So I have re purposed another item for organizing coupons.

This is your standard "grandma's brag book" for pictures.  I actually got this with a photo organizing box that was given to me, and since like any "savey" grandma  I use my cell phone for brag pictures, and I have re purposed this to hold my coupons.  Each area has a designation for coupons.  Food, health and beauty, paper products, computer items, pet food, items at Walgreen's or Rite aid and I even have coupons for restaurants in there, as well as gift card for the same. You have a lot of slots to fill, so make it according to your liking and needs, and you don't have to worry about pigeon holing a coupon where it does not fit, and then not using it because you cannot find it.

Since I do not have a ton of coupons, it works for us.  Jim is not adverse to carry it with him when he does the shopping, and they all get used for the most part.  This even fits in my Miche bag without bother, and has been one of the best things I have come up with. 

So, look around and see if you have a "brag book" to re purpose and happy shopping!!

That's Tips Tuesday... a day late :)

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