Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring is coming!

Well today is a wonderful Spring day in the rockies!  People are out raking in their yard.  The temperature is in the 50's and although there is some wind out there, no heavy coat is needed!

Another sign of Spring is watching wild life around.  This year we have totally gotten hooked on watching the eagles in Decorah Iowa.  If you have not gone to the site, you are missing a blessing.

Last night mama eagle laid her 3rd egg. It has been fun watching them, Mom and Dad, and how they interact, and you feel like you are right there.  This site is run by donations, and it is well worth it to contribute if you are so inclined. 

You can view the site at  Warning, you will soon become hooked as we have.  The eagles mate for life.  It has been so enlightening to watch them interact, take turns on the nest, and care for eachother.  Each time before Mom laid an egg, Dad brought her something to eat before hand, making sure she had strength for the task.
Now that the nest is full it will be fun to watch the eggs hatch, and chicks grow, and fledge on their own.  Last year they put a monitoring devise on one of the fledglings and they have monitored D1's travels all year long.  This is quite a project!  The dedication by Bob Anderson the exective director of the Raptor Resource Project is amazing!  He runs the feed from Mr. and Mrs. Holthaus' garage that is near the cottonwood tree the eagles are in. Bob is always busy showing us amazing shots of the eagles, and the surrounding country.   The Raptor Resource Project also has links to other nests that they have scattered across the country.  Owls, Hawks and other Eagles.  We like the Decorah site the best as the view is fantastic and images are so clear.  However it is fun to watch the progress of the other sites as well.

Many things have been written about the projects, and others are busy capturing pictures for all of us to enjoy.  I hope you go to these links, they are wonderful as well.

Looks like Spring is trying it's best to come in. Tulips are coming up, and other flowers as well have started peeking through and the lilacs are budding. The neighbor tilled up his garden, and ours will not be far behind.  We will still have some snow and rain soon, but as long as there are days like today with the front door open to enjoy we are happy!

Hugs, Ma and Pa

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