Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Always shining!

I love silver jewelry don't you?  Jim has made some beautiful jewelry through the years, and the only thing about silver is it tarnishes.  And it is time consuming to clean.  So, Jim being the great husband that he is, found the solution for me.

Yes, you do not have your jewelry on hooks in a fancy display.... but.... you pop them out of the bag and they are ready to wear.  You see those little back squares?  They are called intercept anti-tarnish tabs.  These are the one" square size. You can also get them in different sizes like 2" by 5" strips.  We got this size as they are easy to put in a bag.  I have all my silver jewelry put up this way, and put them in a darling small cedar chest that our Julie got me when she was younger.  These tabs make it so you do not have to polish the silver.  It is being out in the air that tarnishes the silver the most.  The bags take care of that, and having the anti-tarnish stips in there keeps the shine on!
Jim got these little anti tarnish jewels from Rio Grande Jewelry Supplywww.riogrande.com.  You can also get the little plastic bags there as well.
So, throw away the chemicals, and the polishing clothes, and try this , you will be glad that you did!
That's your tip for this Tuesday!

Hugs, Ma and Pa

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