Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Spirit of Christmas

People are scurring around trying to find Christmas gifts for everyone.... and yet you see all around acts of kindness.  People collecting food for the needy.  Toys for Tots, and winter clothes for those that need it.  It is so special to see the good come out in people at this season.  We are wishing that could carry on through out the year.  God's Love in action.  What a difference it would make to see it year round!

We are getting abit slower getting all the tasks done this year, but things are slowly falling into place.  Most of the decorations are up.  Starting the shopping ( yep... running late).  Letter is done and being printed.  We so love hearing from our friends and catching up on their lives. 

Christmas is a wonderful season.  Give someone a smile today, and see whose life you might brighten with an act of kindness.  Celebrate love!

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