Monday, December 24, 2012

Have a Blessed Christmas!

from Jesus Daily
Merry Christmas to all our loved ones!
I was looking for a Christmas picture, and even saved one, but Jesus wanted me to share this with you.  In His hands is the most precious gift of all, if you will receive it, eternal life.  Forever with Him, in eternity.  Forgiveness and Love, Peace and Contentment, Forever!  Just receive it!
Forgive us dear ones for not writing this month, it has been busy.  On December 15th we lost our brother in law.  Daniel Ray Martinez Sr. is now celebrating his first Christmas in heaven.  We celebrated his funeral on Friday and had a chance to minister and love our extended family.  Please keep the Martinez family in your prayers.
Then last night, we made a sad trip to the Vet and sent our Spice puppy to the Lord for safe keeping.  She was almost 16 years old!  Such a loving a giving companion to the very end. She is now on our porch in heaven waiting for us.
Such is the circle of life.  But praise God we will see them again!
My question to you this Christmas is have you put Jesus in your heart?  Will we see you there on the streets of heaven?  We are praying that all of you have.  For that gift of forgivness and Eternal Life is THE BEST gift of Christmas.  It is what Jesus came to earth to do.  To save us and defeat Satan, death, hell the the grave.
We have all our children here and are so blessed. That is what Ma and Pa love about Christmas, to spend them with family.   And...
from God Vine.
To worship our Lord.  We are headed to Christmas eve service, in the beautiful snow God has sent us today.  It is beautiful!
May you all have a Blessed Christmas, filled with Love and Joy.
We send our love to all,
Ma and Pa


  1. May your life be colorful, magnificent,shimmering and joyful, as the magic of Christmas spreads on you.
    Merry Christmas.